[GET] - Logo Generator Pack +800 Icons and Elements-FREE OTHER FORUM πŸ’ž


How it is always ME: D If I see something for free, I copy and transfer it here <3 Download and use :slight_smile: Regards.

The most complete Logo Generator Pack is now here

Create thousands of logos for your brand with designs 100% original.

What you get?

  • 100 labels with four variations.

  • 100 outline labels with four variations.

  • 100 outline and fill labels with four variations.

  • 100 labels with four variations.

  • 100 ornaments.

  • 100 labels and medals.

  • 100 icons.

  • 100 free types.

  • 15 pre made free logos.

Total 800 Elements + 15 pre-made logos.

Four extentions

  • 800 elements PSD version.

  • 800 elements AI version.

  • 800 elements EPS version.

  • 800 elements PDF version.


I don’t have a scan.
I will do in my free time.
This is uploaded from my computer, so the file is clean.


This is very useful.

Thank you very much for sharing!


Thanks. Might be handy one day!


it seem to be offline now… can you check the link… thank you in advance


Everything is normal.
Now I have entered the link and it works


Thank you so much ! , but i can’t download it , i thin there is a problem with the link .


Please, I threw mine now on zippy. Sorry, I don’t have time to scan now. But it is the same file as it was there. From my computer. Best regards <3


Thank you so much. Exactly what I’m looking for now.


Thanks for the share man! Will sure make use of it.


Thank you a lot for this! It will be useful!


For me it is still β€œ403 Forbidden”.


I gave the link in zippyshare.
See if it works for you, because it works for me and others.


Thanks for that ! :wink: