Get Premium VPN For FREE For 1 Year

  1. Go to

  2. Type your email [ protonmail preferable ]

  3. You will get email containing a link for conformation

  4. Just check the captcha and You will get email containing 1 year license key


sit back pay attention and enjoy:)


Really cool, how many accounts can one manage with this Free VPS

Edited: the link is not working here!!

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Woow, thank you :slight_smile: Do you know how much can you do?

It’s a vpn not a vps

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anyway it’s not working here, don’t load!!!

I’m sorry bro.
The VPN is not too good.
We can’t use it for Netflix like Nord or other good quality VPN.
But thanks for the share.

Just spend a couple of extra bucks and get something like nord vpn.

There is no reason for them to give you a free vpn except for collecting your data, which is exactly what you are trying to prevent with a vpn in the first place.