Get rid of action blocks GUIDE!

Ok! After realising some of our new friends and members are fighting with different sorts of action blocks, and witnessing questions spread over different threads, I decided to create this explanation and guide in order to clearify the different circumstances. Been now working on it for some time and finally I managed to finish it today :slightly_smiling_face:

I have no intention of digging deep into different technical aspects. My main goal with this is to make it easy and simple for you to understand.

Here we go.

Basically being hit by action block is due to you excessively using one or more specific actions.
Now sometimes you will realise you have been action blocked from doing almost all actions available on instagram, and sometimes it is that only action you have “abused”.
Instagram has an automatic algorithm also called the “ALGO” here on mpsocial which detects spammy behavior.

But why you may ask?
Well in order to protect the app and it’s community.

Now an important aspect to remember is that every single account on instagram has a trustlevel/score. A lot of aspects can help you raise the trust score of an account. But that we shall leave for another thread.

Now let’s get back and stick to the main subject. Action blocks are time limited. Usually to start with, only for a couple of hours, and each time you cross the limit and hit a new action block it basically affects your trustscore negatively. You may experience that for each time the action blocks lasts longer and longer.

Notice Instagram will never notify you or warn you that an action block is upcoming or that you should maybe cooldown. IT HITS YOU! And you will never know why or be given a specific reason. But most properly you will have pretty good idea yourself. Yes the action/actions you were overdoing is/are the reason you hit that block.

That being said, you may unfortunately experience even innocent people get caught by the algo. People who have never used automation. Basically that is bad luck and not really anything you can do about.
When innocently hit by an action block, your only solution will be reporting it to instagram, but you will rarely witness anything happen reporting it.

Maybe you may be asking yourself at this point, if the algo doesn’t like spammy behavior, then why on earth should we use automation? That is a spammy thing to do. Isn’t it?

Well automation is a safe thing to do, as long as it is done correctly. An Automating tool setup up correctly acting like a real human can keep your accounts safe.

Here is a list of different reasons which can cause blocks or action blocks on your account

Posting, liking or commenting in a spammy manner.

Many users reporting you for a pecific spammy content, bullying etc…

Unwanted direct messages

Posting adults content.

Posting Copyrighted content

The use of some hashtags

Using 3rd. party apps.

I might have forgot some more reasons, but basically above list gives you an idea of what can trick an action block.

The situation has gotten much harder on IG and the algo is much more strict now and it does not seem it will loosen up. Actually I believe it is here to stay.

Ok enough of booring reasons why IG will block your account. I know you may be more interested to find out what you can do, to lift the block from your account.

Now let’s see!

Here is a list of things you can do.
I will start from scratch and you’ll have to follow every step and stop at the point your block is lifted.

Blocks are usually put on 2 things by IG, I REPEAT usually!

That’ll be on IP address or your Device.

The safest method for the action block to be lifted is waiting your time out, and the block will be lifted.

But if you are eager, you may try following steps, which most properly will help you lift the block.

When you see the message that tells you that you have been hit by a block, press the bottom to tell instagram what it is a mistake. This is to show instagram that you are a real human. A bot will normally ignore this message unless it is programmed not to.

  1. Log out of your account and relogin. As simple as that. See if that helps. If not continue with the steps below.

  2. Change your account password within the app

  • Now disconnect your device from the internet.

  • Logout of your IG account. (Yes this is done without being connected to the internet)

  • Go into the app section of your phone and Clear IG app cache, .

  • Change your device’s ip. If you are on mobile data this will happen when you enable data on you cell phone again.
    (If you are running IG on your residential ip address, and you have a static IP address, try switching over to mobile data (mobile hotspot) or get yourself a proxy. Once the action block is lifted you can switch back to your residential IP address again if you insist of using it. But it is generally not a good idea. And you are better of investing in proxies on the long run.

  • Now Relogin to your IG account.

At this step the action block should be lifted from your account.

If the block is lifted you should be aware that your account’s trustscore is most properly low at this point. So don’t jump back into spamming right away. Rest the account a bit.

But If there still is a block on your account you have no choice but waiting your time out.

  1. Take a break from instagram. Some will say just stay off it for a day or 2, but I have better results with scrolling profiles and watching stories in a normal and not spammy way. Try avoid looking into followers and following lists of profiles when cooling off. These actions has a daily limit too and can seem spammy to the algo.

Above mentioned methods are meant to be done step by step. You may indeed be lucky and already at step 1 your block may be lifted. If it doesn’t you keep following the next step and check again in order to see if the block is lifted.

70-80% of the time you will be able to lift the block.

Do not change password more than once.
Normally a short action block which is usually lifted within 24 hours (on these blocks no specific timeframe is mentioned) will be extended to a time longer action block (time specific one) when trying to change password several times when hit by action block.

I hope this guide can help you.



That was helpful Micky,

Agreed, automation was never the issue the way people use the automation that hurts their accounts and causes blocks and verifications.

thanks for the thread :+1: :+1:

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Thanks for the guide! I didn’t know that changing password more than once when hit by action block could lead to a hard block.

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My pleasure.

Well after many tests I must conclude that it does.
I took out 50 of my soldiers and did really push them to the limit. I wanted to be sure that things wasn’t happening by coincidence.

I have been wanting to write this tutorial for a while, cause I noticed many were asking for a solution.
So I wrote it bit by bit when I had time :slightly_smiling_face:

To answer your question though.
While in action block state, 2 things can lead to hard block.

  1. You keep forcing action/actions on the account that is action blocked.
  2. You keep changing password.

You will go from this state:

To this state:


My pleasure buddy. Glad you liked it.

You are indeed right. Automation has been the issue. But the way some people use automation tools is.

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I just logout, clear cookies, wait 1-2 days and the block disappear…

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@Kravas That’s the easy and most safe way to do it.

But if you want lift the block without having to wait 24-48 hours, you can follow above mentioned steps. Upto 80% of the time you’ll manage to fix the action block.


Need some help here. I keep getting AB / Temp blocked even after ive waited 6 days after to let it cool. First action; blocked. What can i do?

You waited 6 days after the block was lifted or you didn’t try any actions during the 6 days you were blocked? As soon as your block is lifted you can’t start performing actions right away, you have to start doing actions slowly and I would recommend taking things slow for a week.

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Great guide. Will keep this in mind to test at some point in the future. I have some plans which will make knowing this necessary & kill some headaches before they happen. Cheers!

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So basically what you are saying is that the account was action blocked, the block was lifted, you waited for 6 days without doing anything, and when you started doing actions after 6 days the account was action blocked again?

If so please elaborate how you are performing your actions? Manually or are you automating?

If you are automating, are you experiencing same issue with other accounts too?

If you are doing manual actions, which actions are you doing and howmfast are you doing these actions?

I need you to provide more information in order for us to help you here.

Great to hear you liked this guide. Keep me indeed update to know how things go. :slightly_smiling_face:

Good luck with your tests in the future.

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@Micky @Candydandy

I am automatic and am experiencing the same issues with other accounts too. Before the severity of the AB blocks, id be able to go a few days on actions then be blocked again. After this recent spur, i decided to do a hard stop (no actions taken at all) and for one account, that was cleared after 6 days, i ran an action to perform at most 5 follows and hoped to slowly increase per day. On the first follow, I got a block. I’m current using an ip4 proxy. I had used an ip6 proxy beforehand, but was when the AB was starting and I noticed they were based out of London. I made a switch to something closer to LA where most actions would seem more local.

Ok, great with your explanation. When you say you are automating and you say you are experiencing the same issue with other accounts, my first thoughts is exactly what you mention yourself. Either proxies or your settings in general.

Now just to try something different. Have you ever tried taking a couple of the accounts that get hit by AB and once the blocks are lifted, try to see if you can perform actions qith them on the IG app it self, to clearify if you hit AB here too. Just keep your actions within aafe limits.

If you are able to perform actions on the app without further issues, I can only recommend you looking at the settings of those accounts hit by blocks in your tool. You might wanna try to see if they run more smooth on EB or Api.

Also IF you run client accoukts, you might wanna make sure that those clients aren’t doing any actions while the automation is on.

These are generally what I can think of at this point. Worth giving it a try. @moronic1

I’ll try seeing if I get AB using the phone once one lifts and see if I get hit there. I was mainly running follow/unfollow hitting max 199 per day (average was about 125 before AB). I also had used only EB for actions as I was reading that had given more people better success at not getting hit. I’ll shake things up and see if it improves.

Worse case, if I still get hit hard, whats the best course of action? @Micky

The statement about people getting best results doing EB later as I remember was changed. People found out that some accounts do better on Api and some on EB. Some can do 200 f/uf a day, some could do less. It’s all about finding the sweet spot for each and every account. But in your case when hitting a block early, when automating it is simple because you are leaving obvious footprints the algo recognizes.

If you can do normal actions without hitting AB on the app. Then you know you have to look at your settings. But if you do hit AB on the app too almost instantly, it is most likely that the account trust score is suffering. Best things is to start using those accounts normally in the app. Raise the overall quality of the account. Post some great content gather likes, comments follows. This way raise the trust score, and then slowly go back to automation. But at the same time you gotta find the holes in your automation settings, before starting automation again.

Just a side not. When testing on the app. Try to test the accounts on a real Data connection. No proxies or home IP. You wanna narrow things down as much as possible. This way at the end you have a few things to switch out in order to fibd the problem that causes the issue.

Good luck.

Thanks @Micky, this is once quite useful guide :slight_smile: I don’t have the list as you, but through the time I made the list in my head and I would have to agree with you on the things you listed. Also, I mostly use the easy way that @Kravas mentioned.

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Hi Bianca. Sounds great. Yes indeed as stated in my guide, the safest method will be for you to wait the time out and the block will be lifted.normally within 24-48 hours for action blocks🙂

But if don’t wanna wait, you can use the steps mentioned to lift the action block.

It’s worth it for those doing client management. Why? Because when you do wait 48 hours and the block is lifted, you have to start slowly doing actions for maybe 2 additional days. This way you loose 4 days.
But if you can manage lifting the blocks with this fix, the same day, you’ll only loose 1 or 2 days. Now some of our friends might have a monthly result they have to reach for their clients, and loosing 4 days can make things harder to catch up. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @Micky.
I just went through all the thread because mi profile is affected from action block since September 22.
Basically i cannot comment, like, tag other profiles and use hashtags.
the only two things I can do are: stories with pictures and music but no tags to others and posts with no captions at all.
If I put some ADV on my posts the results are really awful (20% total of the usual results).
I went through all your suggestions and did not find anyrelief. I send a message every second day to the platform to tell it was a mistake.
I do not use bots or any other kind of automation since mid 2018.
profile is 34k about bikes
it is really frustrating not to know what it is going on.
Thanks for helping.


Hi @eddie342

If you have followed above mentioned method and you still face block, you are facing a hard block. The time frame for these blocks vary BUT WILL BE LIFTED!
Don’t get eager and keep trying to do the actions which are blocked. Experience shows that this will only extend your block period. However keep doing the things you are able to. And if you have already told IG that it is a mistake, the message is received. Just WAIT patiently, the block will be lifted. But if you keep violating your block, you may face a longer block time or in worse case scenario IG might disable your account. So your patience will save you and your profile on the long run.
Now you may ask how you can check and see if the blocks are lifted. Every 3rd. Or 4th. day try making an action. THATS IT.

Great luck to you sir.