Get sales from instagram shop though shopify


Is there anyone here on this group using jarvee to get sales from instagram shop though shopify ?


I plan on doing this in the next week or so but I wonder why there’s not much on Dropshipping in the forum


I’m working on a project like that, but @SZarkic has already experience with it.


can you give the link of his post about dropshipping



I have several accounts on the animals niche, so one day I created a shopify store with pet and animals products. I made 500$ in sale in one month (I got 200k followers in total) and then nothing (something like 100$ the next month). I just try to sell hot product and don’t put effort on branding. Basically, I just shoutout my store from my 3 accounts. Then I stop because of the ratio money/time, I prefer only selling shoutout.

You can really do better than me haha, I was a kid when I made this shopify store ! These times branding is key… really. :innocent:

Have a great journey



I dont know if he made a topic about this, I just saw that he mentioned it once. It was about creating accounts and he said that he creates them to promote his Shopify Store.


and now how much you make from shoutout


ok thanks for your reply


I have a dropshipping wordpress with few products, I drive traffic from 4 Instagram accounts, make some beer money on autopilot time to time. It works, but you will need lot of traffic or killer product to make a decent income.


With my 72K account I made 150$/month :wink:


What niche were you in?


Animals/pets niches :wink:


I’ve heard of some people killing It in the equestrian niche with ig and Shopify. With pets building a following with breed specific people seems like it’d be advantageous


Yes I know someone who is in the Pig niche… crazy right ? But He makes lot of money (he has a 150k+ account) easy to find haha


the equestrian niche is actually an amazing idea.
People with horses are usually quite rich and love their animals.