Get the Best reach possible for the first 15 minutes

We all know that the first minutes are the ones who will determine for instagram if our content desrve to get more reach or not so for me here are the most importnt things :

  • powerlikes : if the provider is well choosen they are a really effective weapon to get more reach especially if it’s from same niche account and their trust score is high

  • dmgroups+engagement groups

  • engage with your audience : you cn use a software and start 2/3 hours before posting engaging with a part of your new audience especially new follower hope there is a method to scrape only followers based on a certain time it will be more helpful please tell me if there is a way to scrape new followers

  • comments-saves in the first minutes : everyone talks about likes but i think that this 2 have same if not more impact in your eg and reach so try to adapt your content to make people click on them

  • like and comments and saves with some slave quality niched account
    watch time retention : How much time people will stay seeing your content

  • Quality of the content ofc it’s something that everyone know but you have to adapt it for your audience even if you think that a content is good if numbers don’t tell the same story then change it and see always best competitor content and how they make their content strategy

  • Quality laser targeted hashtag : i just wanted to put laser on this thread lol

  • Shoutouts on multiple account especially accounts that post same time as you or get lot ofengageement in same time you post so when he will tag your account people will engage with the last post

  • dmgroup of your follower : yes it can be little bit intrusive but it’s a good way to gain a real relation with your audience and they will reward your attention with eg

  • block before posting all ghost fake follower : not only action block and automation is pretty difficult but even growth now organically is not what it was before so a little twist like this can change hugely your engagement

  • CTA on the caption

  • shares on the story by followers and dmgroups

  • multiple comment by quality niched account : this trick i have seen it a looooot on big accounts i thought the Algo lower your reach because it look spammy but it’s not the case as i always see them on explore page or top hashtags

  • how much people stay see or complete,don’t scroll,don’t pause your content
    respond and liking comments the content : you have to create some conflict between community or a debate

  • reposted content will get lower reach change md5 hash or upload from other platform
    it will not kill it but if the post have been already used on the platform better change
    little bit picture

  • tagging friends

(based on my experience only)

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Again this is just my own idea and the goal of this thread was to help and also get helped
that’s why i really want some other suggestions because it all starts in the first minutes