Get Twitter Blue Outside Of USA | $75 with first 2 months free!

Unable to become verified using Twitter blue due to not being located in a supported country?

I know many people who have had issues subscribing to Twitter blue. Sometimes it works for people outside of the USA, sometimes it just won’t accept a card that’s not based in the USA.

Regardless, the days of not being “verified” are now over…

For only $75, I will help you get Twitter blue & include the first 2 months ($8/month) for FREE! I have delivered over 30 verifications in the past month, the majority of which were in the crypto space.

  • Impersonation accounts won’t work with this method

Important info:

  • You need a VPN for a few minutes while completing the steps. After completing the steps, a VPN is no longer needed.
  • You cannot change username or name after being accepted, otherwise Twitter will put your account back into review.
  • Your account needs to be at least 90 days old.

Just reach out & let’s get you verified.

PM me here on MPSocial
or email me at

Accepted payment methods: Crypto (USDT preferred)
or PayPal (10% additional fee)

Refund policy: If your account is not verified, I will refund your payment in full.

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Ready for new orders!

Let me know if you need Twitter blue :slight_smile: