Getting 550 Error - EB vs API scraping related

Hey guys, hope y’all good.

I’ll get straight to the point with an issue I’ve been facing for the past couple of days.

For every main account that I have I keep getting error 550 ( for any actions i take: f/u/l/ story). Apparently this is caused because I don’t have any scraper account doing all the work through API (ths is was Jarvee told me). I use all my scraper through EB.

Once I switch just one random scraper account to API, the tool starts working flawlessly. But ?!

Now the problem is that IG is seeing the unusual activity of my scraper account and just bans me completely. The only way to recover the account is by sending a picture of my face holding a code written on a piece of paper… smh

How do you guys scrape with API without getting blocked/banned ?

I don’t know how you use your scrappers through EB. On the scrapper account’s advanced setting you should leave both “Enable API full emulation” and “Use only embedded browser” unchecked.

try to stop the accounts completely for 24 hours before using them again as scrappers and don’t use the accounts on other devices.

The account got blocked completely so I’ll use my other scrapers to see what’s what.

I’ll try the settings you mentioned with a low activity to see how it progresses.

Thanks for your help.

no problem. Just use the scrapper account in Jarvee, and you should be fine.

Tested scraping with API for the past few days and all my accounts are now under review and about to get banned.

What the hell is going on ?

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Yesterday I setup a scraper account, got captcha verification and banned today after collecting around 800 users.

Could be that they changed something again. Maybe scraping without doing any actions is raising red flags?

is it a new account?
you have api full emulation unchecked on your scrapper account, right?
what are your run timers settings?

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what are your run timers settings?

i set my scrapper to only run follow tool to scrape users, it never has captcha issue. maybe the age of the account matters? did you just create the scrapper account?

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api-fe unchecked
account few months aged
300-400 follows per operation
1-1 min between operations

that’s too aggressive. There’s no need to scrape hundreds users per minute since your main account will only follow around 200 per day.

if you use followers of target accounts, scraping too many users per operation can also lead to API scrape blocks.

Yeah I think as well that your scrapper is performing too fast. Try lowering actions and see if that helps. Cheers

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Where do you guys buy scraper accounts from? I’m looking for a source where I can also verify the accounts via email or sms.

You can check here #public-marketplace