Getting a 4g dongle. how many accounts can I run?

Hi everyone,

so I have been using my wifi for a while now and have been getting disabled accounts for a while now.
I have tried all kinds of proxies but none seems to be working well.

I have a spare laptop and would like to run 10 accounts on a 4g simplan unlimited internet connect trough a dongle. do you think i can run 10 accounts?

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I think no one can answer your question, just keep testing with slow setting and compare.
I don’t have 4g Proxies, but I would like to try 5 accounts first.
Good Luck!

Have you tried Henrys or airsocks proxies? They seem to work for a lot of people. Wouldnt go for a 4g dongle if you can just get a decent proxy

You dont need to use a spare laptop, you plug the dongle in and it acts like a second adapter, then install cproxy and point it to the dongle, you can then use the 4g as a proxy.

So for example my computers IP is gateway is
The dongle is gateway is

Both adapters are on the same machine, so you just install cproxy set to and make sure you bind the IP to (options/advanced/networks) and make sure you have it updated to the latest version. Thats my setup.

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i can use 10 accouts with 4G proxy no shared sims

Custom bot… or a new Jarvee feature… Run actions on 10 accounts, drop data connection get’s a new IP. Then run actions on 10 other accounts and repeat. So maybe 100 accounts on a 4g dongle…

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yes but all the proxies I have gotten, I only buy high quality ones never do my accounts any good.

what??? I dont understand a single thing u said sorry. I am new too all this proxy thing can u explain in easy way ty

first 10 accounts do 5 follows - IP switches - other 10 accounts do 5 follows - IP switches - first 10 accounts do 5 follows and so on. This is how I understood him, maybe I am wrong.

how do I get the new ip?

So when you disconnect/reconnect you should get a new IP.

your a genius! , so the dongle does it automatically? and also lets say I have 10 acounts running on the dongle, how do I setup that after each accounts follows 10 people it switches to a new ip and 10 other accounts?

It’s not a JV feature as yet I don’t think in JV you can have run times for accounts. Custom bots only.