Getting a new Iphone tommorrow any advice?

Hey everyone i happen to be due for an upgrade so i get a new phone tommorrow. Since Im doing this I want a completely clean slate with everything on this phone and dont want to link a single thing from my other phone (iphone 7s) Ive had it for two years and logged in to a bunch of my ig pages / let friends log in etc and want to take advantage of the oppurtunity to start another main account in my network of music pages but dont want to cause any “footprints / ruining a brand new device”

it depends on your strategy.

for web content and photo production and creation, iPhone is better than Android.

For "hack " operations android is more better.

it’s okay bro if you want to create your account in any phone my opinion.
They know which one real account and not.
You don’t have to worry too much about footprint etc. if you want to make a good account in my opinion.