Getting action blocks using Automation but not using mobile


I am in a very strange issue now

my accounts gets action block ( all actions ) in any Automation software so far …

but when I go to my mobile app everything works fine in all accounts

using raw mobile proxies from henry

6 accounts per 1 proxy

what could it be?

All you need to know is there.

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But they are both api using phone or jarvee api method
They all same api

but why it get blocked using jarvee api but not mobile app ?

If Instagram read it as requests coming from an app anyway

is this proxy issue now ? Since they get blocks at the same time ( all accounts ) ( all actions )

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Thank you !!
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Are these CPA accounts or client accounts? And are they accounts that has been blocked from June 4th or you just added them today? Be more specific because theres a lot going on on IG this month.

No they were running before fine but did not get affected by the 4th june

They are running very low settings
they are main accounts / clients not CPA accounts
They never passed 4000 actions in entire month

2 accounts are new accounts added 1 week ago

They all got action blocks no matter the actions they made in all actions

so I know it’s something not related to settings nor accounts creation

Take a look to this thread you will find answers to your questions: