Getting around the blocks - Manually tracking Follows and Unfollows

So the blocks have yet to hit follows and unfollows on the IG app on mobile. I have resorted to testing manual follows for a small number of customers to see if this is a possible scalable solution for the rest.

Question I have, How do I keep track of who I have previously followed without so the clients accounts don’t try to follow again and possible raise a spam issue ?

Jarvee looked after this in the past but I am not using automation until we get a fix.

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Scrape all of the account followings.

At the end of the day, or before you start unfollowing, scrape all your followings again. The difference between scrape 1 and scrape 2 are the people who you manually followed.

Rinse and repeat.


Do you know any shortcut to do this fast via Exel or similar? thanks

Personally no, but you can hire anyone with basic python knowledge to code you a scraper to put that data in whatever format you want.


thats a decent solution but even then you would have to manualy check against that list everytime you follow more people to make sure not to follow them twice.

The follow limits within the app are insanely high - I have managed to follow 170 people within a couple hours with the iphone app and the account was a new account created just couple weeks ago.

What is the best way to login to the client accounts to follow manually? Via a proxy and the browser or an app? There surely would have to be some email/phone confirmations each time you login?

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Is there anyway to do this scrape with Jarvee ? Or is that what you are suggesting ?

Thanks Mojo !

For sure you can use Jarvee, but it might be a more manual process.

I would hire someone who can automate the process. Say scrape once at X hr (before you unfollow) and spit out the data that you need. This way you can concentrate on the already manual process that you are doing instead of going in and out of Jarvee to get your data.


Im currently testing with 5 client accounts (max login for 1 phone) if I can find a solution I will hire to do this until Jarvee sort itself out

I have been thinking about this too.
Considering to follow manually and then use mute and unfollow through Jarvee, but I have to test this out and see if it works smoothly.

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how do you use the proxy for your client from the mobile app ?

I’m curious to know how it went, I’ve been testing manually too.

are you getting blocks while doing following manually?

so how it went?

yeah, It’s fairly easy to write a python scraper to grab your following list periodically, save into a database table, then another scraper to grab your followers periodically and mark followback in the first table and you can build an easy sql query to calculate the followback ratio of your manual follows and another sql query to give you who didn’t follow you back (those are the first ones you should unfollow manually). If you are only doing manual following, all the new following will be from your manual follow and all the new followers you get not in the first table are from the outside (eg not from your F/UF). I am super busy with my travelings otherwise I can do all this if I have a whole day (2 max) of coding. I have similar system in place for my bot but it’s a lot more complicated than what you are looking for, it would take a little time to dumb it down what you are trying to do but unfortunate I don’t have time to do this for anyone right now. Maybe in a month or so I will have downtime from traveling to do some consulting service. This is way easy to do than managing all the blocks from automation. Lol

You can definitely still get both follow and unfollow block when you do it too fast on the IG app manually. But the threshold is way higher than automation vis API/EB.

I’ve been thinking about this too but manually doing things doesn’t work for so many reasons. You have to keep track of the accounts and make sure to mute after follow. Plus to find accounts that meet search criteria will be incredibly time consuming.

not if you can have someone to do that for you

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Do you by chance know of anyone?

yes we are providing manual instagram growth service

What you do is you build a scraper for potential followers and programmable validate them with your criteria and export the list then you that list manually. There is no ban on scraping, at least not yet, so you can automate that tedious part.