Getting ban after put link in bio

Im struggling with a problem in recent days. Even i let the accounts in warming 3-4 days, after i put link in bio, i get instant ban in about 40% of accounts. What it can be? I didnt got this problem till few days ago. IG changed algo, or is something i`m missing?

Try to warm your acounts first.

1 week low follow/unfollow rate and not at the same time
2 week insert bio increase a litle follow/unfollow
3 week put link in bio

You must ALWAYS warm your acounts.

Im warming, but not 3 weeks. Im warming 3-4 days, i`m using 2-3 years old accounts.

That is the problem, all accounts must warm up before use in MP.

Be patient and do a 3 weeks warm up and you will have less bans.

3 days is not a warm up, its is not even thawing, it’s decreasing the freezer setting from 3 to 2.

Give it at least 2-3 weeks, as suggested. Even that does not guarantee you won’t get banned.

I`m doing the warming of accounts as it is said here:

Again, this worked until few days ago. It may be because i`m using the same html code on the pre-lander.
Accounts are 2-3 years aged.

Can you pm the prelander page? Seems instagram crawlers can detect/follow links on landing if not properly blocked.