Getting Creative - Collecting Original Pictures To Post On Social Media

I though I would create a new topic for the community to share creative ways to collect pictures to post on their Social Media Accounts. If you have a creative or clever way, please comment below :slight_smile:

Lest get the ball rolling :smiley:

###Furniture, home decor, and anything similar
Go to IKEA or other home decor places and bring your camera. Take tons of pictures every time you go. Everything is already made to look beautiful, and lighting is usually great also.

###Blogger, Lifestyle, or an account just about you
This is by far one of the more difficult niches to collect pictures for. You need to have an active lifestyle, and a budget to afford going to cool places daily. If you are not very active, or you do not have the budget, dont loose hope! Go to IKEA with some friends, and take a ton of pictures of you guys having fun. You can also take pictures sitting at a desk, and caption it as if you are in your office. You can do the same with a picture of you in one of the beds, couches, and whatever else they have. With the right angles you can make your IKEA pictures look like they are taken from your beautiful house. Go to the mall! There are lots of different stores in a small proximity thus allowing you to take more unique pictures without actually traveling to much. Take pictures of products, have your followers comment and help you make a decision on what to get, etc. Go to free events in your local area (there are always some). If you want to look extra fancy, dress up nice, and relax in the lobbies of 5 star hotels. Take some pictures of the bathrooms even (they are stunning). You can even try to sneak into the pools and spas of the hotel to get some more unique shots. You can also bring a few extra sets of cloths to make it look like the pictures were taken different days.

###Tech Accounts
Signup for newsletters from top trending electronic retailers. You will receive emails daily full of the latest & coolest gadgets. Use the pictures found in the news letters and on these websites.


This very question came to my head when I was thinking about creating a IG account for myself tying to become the next Tai Lopez :joy:

  • Can be used for every niche (Rich Style, Blog especially)

One method would be a green screen, you can pretty much edit anything on it, you could make it out as if you are on the balcony of a hotel at Dubai then use the geo feature on MP to put Dubai to trick your following.

I guess now with all the tools i can become the next Tai.lopez and start selling courses :joy:

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Hahaha good luck with that :smiley:

Great idea! hopefully green screen has improved. In highschool when played around with a green screen it looked so fake. I assume a skill set would be required for something like this.


As for the Rich Niche aka Tai Lopez Images when you go shopping you could always go to the expensive Jewellery shops etc ask them to try it on and then take videos and photos.

You could also get prop money and prop expensive wines and stuff and stunt like some of them IG rich kids

Yeah green screen is decent you could also always use photoshop can’t go wrong with that.

I found this series what i thought would be interesting, one of the guys claims he makes £10K a month and he has 100K followers all money from promotions and taking photos at night clubs etc.

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I just watched that video, and man those are some spoiled brats. I could never stand being around any of them. I prefer to be privately rich, in my own little world with close friends and family rather than trying to get as much attention as possible from random strangers.

I wouldn’t doubt in a second they can make 10k a month just on promotions. I own a local promotion company, and the club clientele never even asks about the costs. They just hand us the credit card to charge them. Easy money :smiley:

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I know I felt sick watching that video, especially that girl who thinks she is some next business woman judging from the way she presented herself she had probably not ever worked a hard day in her life.

However sometimes I wonder, if I were to be born a multi millionaire and not have to ever work again, would fame be something I would try and get.

Some of them kids I feel like they have nothing to work towards so growing a following Is like a “game” to them since they don’t what to do.

Totally agree with you, I would rather be rich and low-key and most importantly humble about it.

Yea she drove me the most crazy! Close in second would have been the 2 boys saying that $450,000 for the Rolls Royce was a “good price” haha, or when they said they are smart with their money. If it aint an investment, it not a smart buy.

That chances everything. If I had no experience of working my ass off to be where I am today, I probably would be a brat just like these kids. Thank goodness my parents never gave me an allowance and kicked me out the house during the day when I was 8, and made me sell things door to door.

Haha so true!

Exactly! Seems like such a better way of living. Not having to worry about people stalking you, or signing shit, or even noticing who you are in public.