Getting e-mail leads with facebook ads campaign


I have created a competition for a wine club and the goal is to generate new members. I’ve run a Facebook ads campaign with Leads Generation as a goal and get decent engagement on the post.

When I look at the statistics on my landing page, I see that I get very many visitors, but only about 10% actually register their e-mail address. My problem here is that the cost per lead is too high when I use Facebook ads.

Would appreciate feedback on the landing page or on the entire campaign in general :slight_smile: FYI, campaign is in Swedish so please you google translate.

Also, open to try other methods if you guys have any ideas :slight_smile:

Facebook post 1:

Facebook post 2:

Landing Page:

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I think the strategy of sending direct to an opt in is the problem.

How about a campaign where you send people to a piece of content to consume (video ideally)

Then retarget those who watched over 25% of the video (if video is done). Retarget them With a testimonial that leads to the sign up page

Id guess you get way more sign ups that way since ur targeting those who are statistically more interested

I’d throw money at that mate.

Good luck


Sounds like your issue is the landing page. Or who you’re targeting. If you’re getting lots of visits to the website, the landing page either isn’t converting or you’re targeting an audience that isn’t likely to convert.


Thanks. I’ve been thinking about shooting a video first. Just running a little low on time and resources but will probably lower my ads cost a bit?

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Yeah, just can’t figure out if it’s the landing page or too broad target audience. I made a lookalike audience out of 30 000 e-mail subscribers that already have shown interest in this type of campaign.

Video views are cheaper

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