Getting fake followers

Hello. Last night i hit 1k on a new account it took a couple of days and today i am at 1.8k as i am being flooded with fake followers?!?!? I for one haven’t purchased them and why would someone else buy them on my account? Could it be that someone is warming a large amount of accounts up and just following the same people on all accounts?

They are very clearly fake accounts some of the worst i have seen tbh. I really didn’t want this as it makes my engagement worse meaning its harder to grow and if i want to sell it and they look at my followers they can seen have fake followers and that i have gained over 800 followers in a few hours!

Anything i can do about this? Can i contact ig to get them to purge my followers maybe?

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@ian is having this exact same problem. He has some rules set for the block tool. All you can do is manually report those accounts, but thats not realistic. You can use the block tool to block them though.


I’ve been having similar issues as well.

Started a thread here a couple of days back.

A friend of mine is having the same problem, not on a new account, he’s blocking them, but it’s a massive amount of work

I’m not sure if that thread link is working?!

This seems to be a thing now to try and throttle competitors accounts. I’ve seen people suggest putting the account on private for a few days and then declining/blocking while it dies off. I’ve had to remove about 800 followers before from something similar. It was a pain but it was achieveable manually, just sat there for an hour and did it, luckily it didn’t seem to effect too much!

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Hi. I think it would be good if you make your account private now for sometime.