Getting from second position to position 1 in Google ranking

Hello, I need some help with this.

I have a website and the domain name is my keyword, and we have like 10k-100k visits per month

Noticed that someone else is ranking in the first place and his domain is different from keyword.

we are focused on that keyword but we can’t get to first place again whatever we do semrush shows 3d place and when we check in Google we show in second place…

we have woocommerce and yoast.

Any suggestions?


Have you done a traffic analysis of your competitor on a site like similarweb to try and gauge the reason why they might be ahead of you? I know that domain age plays a massive part in ranking. Just keep on posting valuable content which is a cut above theirs and you should eventually overtake them.

yes semrush , all the trafic is from my keyword . He is ranked nr 1 and im nr 2 in google.
Thought i knew enough of SEO but cant figure a solution for it :frowning:

Get in touch with me privately and we can chat further. May be able to assist you!

Have any of you guys use the SCO link buying services that seem to be all the rage on BHW

No, did you?

I have not but I see the ads for it and people talk about back linking being so important. I wonder who has experience with this.

well backlinks are the most important if made correctly, bad backlinks can do more hurm than good