Getting phone verification after starting IG account with email and not mobile

I wanted to ask your opinion on this… I work at a hospital with hundreds and hundreds of computers and I was wondering if I created a new gmail account and a new Instagram account on each computer, and the only thing that sucks is that the gmail and pretty much to start a new email account requires phone verification and it makes no sense so how would I be able to do this since I have just 1 iPhone? and then there is creating an Instagram account which is pretty simple and I am hoping to create 100+ accounts and I will create 1 account per computer … so creating the account requires an email address or mobile number and of course I am going to use the email but say for some reason 3 weeks from now or even 2 months from now Instagram sends me a notice to do a mobile verification, and I have seen from many people that they do this so it has to be expected to happen, and I cant do it on my iPhone because I already have 5 Instagram accounts on there so how would I be able to do a mobile verification??? thank you guys

Buy some SIM cards, lots recommend speedy verify and I recently used them with great success (pretty much 6 USD for each phone number that lasts for a year).

Though you do have to pay $1 for each extra verification if you have to do it again in the future

so how exactly does speed verify work if i got a notice from instagram that i need a phone verification because I checked It out and it was super confusing… can I just use google voice and when I’m done with that number used for the phone verification I can delete my google voice number then get a new one and then repeat this over and over if I need phone verifications?

you buy a phone number and there is a live chat with an agent that helps verify the code for you when Instagram sends the 6 digit to the number.

Google voice numbers are risky because some of them have the possibility of being flagged which can lead to your account being banned

Phone verification on gmail is a lot harder than IG. I would suggest buying the gmail accounts and then only phone verifying the accounts like @Koven suggested

where would be a great place to buy gmail accounts

i use speedyverify, they are good just on weekends it kinda sucks

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Bahahaha. Sorry about that man. :smiley:

all good :slight_smile: hhaha

from where i can buy wikipedia account?

Instead of creating 100 gmail accounts, go buy a google domain. It should come with 100 forwarding email pack.

You can then easily create 100 emails aliases that will forward to your real email No need to worry about gmail PV and when you get IG EV, you don’t have to go check individual email accounts since they will all go to your main email address.