Getting Post Removed Effecting Linked Accounts?

I recently got a post removed on one of my accounts. it was so dumb because i posted the same story on a bunch of accounts and only this one got taken down. anyway the post got removed for bullying and harrisment and i reported it as an error but no word yet been over a day now. I knew that I would lose explore if I got a post removed. but the problem is I had all my other accounts linked to this account for the login and it seems to have effected all 5 of them. they all stopped growing. But only one account has a strike on it. the other 4 are clean. Anyway to remedy this? I’ve tried unlinking them already. and I’ve waited and after 2 weeks if you gotten a post removed you wont hit explore again it seems. So I’m thinking maybe i lost the 1 account but the other 4 with back in 2 weeks like i got shadow banned on the other 4 just for having them linked to the account that go the strike? What do you guys think? anyone experience this? One account getting a post removed effecting all of the accounts linked for login? Let me know if you guys have any suggestions I hope i didnt lose all 5 accounts because that would have been a really stupid mistake lol. thanks

When you say linked for the login, do you mean that all of these accounts were using same IP address to login?