Getting rid of dead accounts/ghosts

I’ve been going over some prospects and current accounts- and all across the board, it seems everyone needs a good cleaning. I am finding that most accounts have 10-40% fake/ghosts/etc using IG Audit for a quick look over, after noticing red flags.

I currently execute all of our actions manually with VAs. With everything going on, we stopped using any 3rd party apps. My question- what have you guys found to be successful methods of cleanings sometimes thousands of inactive or bot accounts?

Thank you all! Happy to update that any short term blocks from last week are long gone and we’re doing all manual actions with no probs.


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Find the pattern first…you’ve to do it yourself.

J gives you tons of filter list, like this to block followers

When I see there are many fake followers who’s username are just random and use any number at the last, then last option from J is useful…

When I see there are many fake followers, who’s name is not-english, then first option is good.

When I see there are many fake followers, who doesn’t have profile picture, then second option is good.

So jarvee have some common filter list…But if you need 90% clear formula…then you’ve to find pattern yourself…Like how many users they usually follow…do they make even a post? do they like your pictures etc…


Don’t bother.
Focus on engaging the ones that are real.


Well my thoughts on this was- cleaning up an account with 20k and 50% are ghosts…I can bring their engagement way up, to give them back in the game. And then work on nurturing existing followers.

Would you agree that ghost followers will be dead weight with all these changes? (and can possibly affect the account trust score (focusing the future of IG around quality content and good engaged audience)

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Didn’t understand your reply

My Jarvee experience was limited to this spring, thanks for your suggestions- I remember these filters.

If I don’t use Jarvee, can someone with a jarvee just plug in an account name into the scrape tool and plug in some filters, to get a list of the bad apples?

We were using a 3rd party unfollow tool that did a great job of picking these out. Had to stop using it 2 weeks ago with the blocks and go all manual. So this is the current issue…

Didn’t know Jv can do that! Thanks for the info


Everyone who I know that did this had problems afterwards and it backfired completely. First of all, you, nor any software can’t know for certain which followers are bot and/or fake profiles. If you are cleaning 50% of 20k followers rest assured that you will remove many, many legit followers. Second, and this is just a speculation, no regular user blocks 10k followers. This might trigger the algorithm and you could be penalized. Nevertheless, the people I know who did this in the past (3 in number) all experienced drop in reach and engagement on their content after the cleanse.

Your best option, in my experience, is to keep pushing with constant, engaging content, write good captions, use proper hashtags and engage with the community as much as possible. You can go to your follower profiles and like and comment (with a longer, human like comment) on the ones that you see that are active.

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I personaly clean all the ghost/mass following people manually.

The last 20k growth, i clean everysingle one with more than 2 or 3k followings, depending on their acc or their interactions towards my acc (if a 3000 following acc throw 20 likes to my posts, i won’t block it, but if a 2000 following acc just followed me without interacting, i’ll block it ofc),


Block tool does wonders

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@andrejo Not gonna automate on Jv my main anymore :slight_smile:

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thanks for your insight. As always, such a mix of experiences on here. You make a good point about loosing 50% of followers would look suspicious. IG should just a massive blast and clean up their act ! I know they’ve been removing bots for awhile.

I push the 2nd part of your reply to all my clients everyday- with all the recent changes and everyone’s ER down, I think its the best way to naturally re-engage with your audience.

was looking for ways outside of 3rd party tools/apps with the recent blocks. We were using a tool 2 weeks ago too. Impossible now

  1. Scrape ghost followers who haven’t engaged with your content
  2. Put them on J to engage with them
  3. Then scrape ghost followers again
  4. Block them

engagement will go up


#1, 2 and 3 self-explanatory, but why #4?

I think he meant to give them a second chance to redeem themselves instead of just blocking straight out

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I think that’s an excellent approach. If you really want to remove invaluable followers then best ensure that they’re actually invalid first. I once removed 20k fake followers from my main account only to realize I had very poorly analyzed which accounts were truly fake/inactive. As a result I probably removed anywhere between 5-10k real people.

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This 13charsssss

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How did you make this cleaning?