Getting started an instagram journy

Hello everyone i have gram multi tool
i can get a lot of fast working proxy for 0$
But i have a problem i don’t know how services like justanotherpanel create a lot of accounts to increase followers with like 40k instagram accounts how can i get a lot of accounts like them? and how can i prevent getting them closed?
note: the proxies are not used for any thing else
all what i want is to know how websites like justanotherpanel are working and how they get huge ammounts of accounts

either you have proxies that you are using for something else, or they are shit, IG doesn’t like shit proxies

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No i don’t use them for anything else

you have to give more details, we are not here to guess your situation

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Any help?
i just want to know how to get a lot of accounts and prevent getting them closed!

There is nothing that works great for IG thats free :slight_smile: If its too good to be true, it is;)


can you give me a cheap source for buying instagram accounts?

A friend of mine have a lot of private proxies servers