Getting the Analytics

Is it possible to get the analytics of hits to a website via Instagram without having access to the clients website or their google analytics? Any suggestions?

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No. There was somewhere a website guessing daily visitors to websites based on how much visits the users of some browser plugin made to websites. But when I compared stats of my own websites with their numbers they were usually 100% off. And for sure no way to track visitors coming from a specific source.

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If your client has a shorten link in bio you can see the stats.


So their original website link but then Google shortened ?

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What kind of link do they have in bio ?



I didn’t know this. Every day something new to learn…

And if stats are public that is enough reason not to use them.


Yeah just add + at the end.
You can see the stats. You don’t need any access.

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Thanks worked it out - I wonder if you use one of these google short links its less likely for someone on instagram to click it though

Before i was using the


Why? I get many clicks💪

Bitly/ many people use this.
It’s better then .info/.pro/.xyz cheap domains if you ask me.
Btw instagram owner / owner is the same. Doesn’t matter👍

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Same with links. Just add a plus sign (+) in the end of the URL and it will show the stats instead of redirecting.


An alternative might be to use a host your own shortener script like Yourls on your clients site or for your client, where you can in private create links & view stat for any link you create.

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