Getting verification on FB

I have an old personal FB account which I put in MP. Also have it logged in standard ASIA desktop and mobile.

Recently … I moved MP to a VPS so naturally I would have to use a USA proxy. So I got account disabled. I tried to login embedded and it’s giving me 3 options. Use a logged in account, comment verify or friends verify.

I tried logged in account via ASIA desktop ip and it went fine. but after pressing continue on MP embeded browser, it logs me out and I have to login again and the verification starts again.

I also tried comment but never got it right. I’m using this account so I do regconise the comments but somehow still didn’t succeed.

Then I tried friends … I just found it hard to know the persons since I was adding friends randomly manually before using MP.

My account is still fine via ASIA desktop and mobile. Just can’t get MP via USA proxy to work.

What should I do to get this account working on MP? or should I not use it with MP anymore?

Is that a mandatory requirement?

3 ways to do this.

  1. Backup Friends on ASIA & verify on US.
  2. If you see the “verify using different device” etc…, use the ASIA one to verify the US.
  3. Use ASIA to check DoB. Login on US, you will face the checkpoint, 3 days later login again on US, DoB method will appear and you can use DoB to login.
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already did 2. It keeps logging me out and get the verify loop when login again.
Just did the comments verification and success!! Thanks @Khiem

@SkyggeLys unless I wanna use the VPS ip. Cos USA proxy is what I have.

Understood! Thanks