Getting Verified On Instagram.!:

Hello I am an Instagram influencer & would like to get my main account verified. Is there anyone on here that could help me out with that? Thankyou!

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No, anyone claiming they do are scammers.


Probably not. Unless you’re an actual celebrity or have like 500k on other platforms, it’s probably not happening. Being an influencer isn’t enough unless your trust level is incredibly high and you have insane engagement 10k+ likes per post.

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But but but, he’s the IG king!


I want to be super up front. Not happening. People will say they will do it for you, charge a ton, not happening. I have a direct connect at IG who verifies movie accounts for a company I work with and he won’t even do me a favor for non-movie accounts. Instagram has a lot of departments and have clamped down on verifications.


Ask him to get the deets on what happened at IG the last couple of days: :wink:

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Lol. You already know the deets. We do shady shit, we get burnt sometimes. We however hadn’t had one problem so I didn’t open the thread. Oh wait, I did have an email confirmation for a client last week who changed their password.

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Aye he’s speaking the truth