Getting video selfie verification while using Jarvee

Are my accounts getting red-flagged?

I start using dm+follow function.
Does it imply my setting was too aggressive and not wamed up enough?


I don’t think so it not because of you setting. I think it is just for the verification process.

how old are those accounts? after you video verify the accounts, you should rest them for at least 24 hours, then start the warm up process again.

I would also suggest you run other tools with low settings (not only dm+follow) to make the accounts look more natural.

it could be that your settings are aggressive, how many DM and follow you are doing per day? are you using any proxies or multiple accounts?

I am using 2 accounts.
One is brand new, warned up for several days with story viewing.
Then setting up with 50 follows a day only.

The other one is an old clean account aged 3-4 years. Never on Jarvee.
setting 20 dm/day.

Both of them got action stopped after 24 hours.

am using proxies bought from highproxies.

But I am also wondering if the proxy location would affect this.

I live in asia but the proxy’s geolocation is in US

Are you accessing the new account on your phone/another browser/or on the IG app while you are doing actions in Jarvee?

Also, please review the following pointers for both of your accounts:

  • If you have more than 1 IG account added to Jarvee, please check if the accounts have the below items in common:

  • The same bio description.

  • The same link, or redirecting to the same landing page.

  • Posting the same images.

  • Using the same Caption for the posts.

  • Sending the same message if you are using the contact tool.

  • Commenting using the same comment if you are using the comment tool.

  • Using more than 2 accounts from the same IP or Proxy.

Proxy pointers:

– should be Instagram compatible

– IPv4 proxy

– If you can get a proxy that has the same IP location (preferably same city) as you, that would be great

– dedicated proxy (one that’s never been used on any account)

– 4G proxies are highly recommended

if you are using proxies from usa and login to the account from Asia then yes it will be an issue and you will have verifications and blocks but if you don’t login from a different place then there is no harm using proxies from another county.

To how many devices are the accounts connected? If you are connecting them multiple devices, that could be a factor also. You might need to disconnect the accounts from all the devices and connect them to only one device each.

These are all really important tips and suggestions. I think it’s important to respect all of them in order to avoid troubles.