Ghost Ban for more than a month

Hello everyone,

Recently one of my oldest accounts is currently ghost ban from hashtags.
It’s been a month now(if i remember correctly) since saw it got ghosted.
Been reading different threads over here and other forums but somehow still couldn’t find an answer.

Few weeks back, I’ve stopped follow/unfollow and manually posted 1 or two per day, like and comment on other pictures. Even then I do still grow organically around 100+ per day.

I do however get likes from engagement groups(I don’t like with this account by the way, only receive them with it).
I’ve been using this group since January and do you think somehow it’s related to that?
I stopped putting hashtags to my account since 2 weeks back and recently try putting it in again two days back.
Kinda cracking my head here since I see myself in top section in most of the hashtags but when I check it with my other accounts and different ip addresses, it’s still not there.
Should i try the deactivating method? /:confused:

Why not create a backup of your account , a similar IG and repost using MP with very human like settings? Only likes, a few hours a day, no follow unfollow etc and see what happens?

Yup, I did. I have other accounts in massplanner and some accounts which I’m doing manually.
Was just wondering on how to recover this back :slight_smile:
One of my second top account prior to this is growing quite well and doesn’t get ghosted even though I use the same engagement group with them.
Maybe I’m just thinking of not using them for awhile now I guess

you have found the other thread with exactly the same topic. I recommend to put any further question or findings in this thread, please :blush:, as it is not very useful to have x threads about the same topic (just search for “phone verification”… a lot of threads).

Back to your question, here you have 2 questions that could help you:

  • how many followers do you have on the mentioned acc.?
  • how many likes in which time do you get from the engagement group (EG)?

I am asking because some people wrote: "The instagram algorithm HATES spikes"
Meaning: if you get from an EG on a 1,000-follower-account within 60 minutes 500 likes, all from non-followers, and only 20 from your followers, I guess, this is really weird for the IG algorithm and could lead to lower(ed) exposure of your pic…

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Hello @SkinnyGirl, thank you for the reply.

Alright sure, I apologise about that since I kind of didn’t want to hijack or bump any threads :slight_smile:

For your two questions,

  1. Currently the account is at 20.4k followers. It was ghostban at around 16-17k+ if I remember correctly.
  2. My account engagement are usually active at around 8pm-11pm gmt+8. The engagement group gets me an extra between 500-800 likes per round and I usually joined once per day which is at 10pm.

I’m guess that’s the only problem :neutral_face:.1 other account of mine and the rest of the users in the engagement group are all doing alright. I’ve stopped adding this account to the engagement group yesterday and planning to see how it goes from there.

No worries, didnt want to blame you, it was just a recommendation…

I guess, another factor could also be WHEN you are posting your pics, e.g. if you post a pic at 6pm and the EG is going from 9-10pm, then the 500 likes could also look like a “weird spike” :chart_with_upwards_trend:

Also try to find “non-trackable EGs and non-scheduled EGs”. There are EGs where you can post a link of your pic after you have liked & commented on the 5 or 10 or 15 that are the latest in the group. After you did that, you wont get 5 / 10 / 10 comments and likes immediately, but maybe every 20 minutes (every time someone else in the group is participating and this is not scheduled). That way there wont be spikes and its harder to find a connection between the accounts for the IG algorithm (but your approach - liking the other acc.s not with the account that receives the likes - is better than receiving and liking with the same acc.).

what’s the other thread? i’ll move everything there…

Maybe that reason is the reason why. :slight_smile:
I think I know which engagement groups you mean as I’m in some of them(but never used it before. I’m gonna try it with another one of my accounts and see how it goes, gonna rest this account for awhile currently. Thank you so much for the help! Really appreciate it alot.[quote=“Johnny, post:7, topic:9977, full:true”]

what’s the other thread? i’ll move everything there…

I think she meant this
Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience @Johnny :pensive:

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