Ghost/Inactive Insta scrapper tool

Hey guys,

I am have a 13k account full of ghosts/inactive followers who are dragging down my ER.

I am looking for a scrapper allowing me to get a list of Ghost in the last (100posts), and inactive accounts for more than 180days.

Any help will be appreciate.



you can use Jarvee for that, they have a tool called block followers tool that will help you remove all ghost followers.

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Interesting…but its not better unfollow them, or not follow by filter them (for example) by unfollow them “if they dont like at least 10 posts” ?


Jarvee has filters that you can select, so that it will only unfollow users that passed those filters.

yes you can do that as well but for ghost followers and fake ones better to block those accounts for good.

This seems new…but the UNFOLLOW tool and the BLOCK tool then are the same?

Probably Block them causes less block than unfollow tool.

No, they are not the same tools. Basically, you Unfollow users from your FOLLOWINGS list while you Block your FOLLOWERS.

To block (or even just remove) inactive followers, the best route is to use the Block Followers tool.

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Here is what happens when you block users:

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they are not the same but what the point on unfollowing an account that might follow you again especially if the account is fake and only damaging you engagement that’s why the block tool is useful.

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So you’ll run togheter? Unfollow and Block tools?

block followers for accounts that you think they are fake or look fake, unfollow tool for others that’s the way.

That depends on what you want to achieve, you can run them at the same time with low settings first.

Just for information, when you have unfollowed users using Jarvee, all users will be added to the ignore list. And that way the user that was unfollowed will not going to followed by the account again unless you remove them from the ignore list.

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I asked myself the same question. I am not using jarvee for instagram at the moment. But I remember and you can see the arrow up at the dont unfollow likers who liked any of your last 12 posts greyed out in the Link Luca provided. So I assume 12 is still the maximum. So it is possible to filter out users from not blocking/unfollowing that liked any of your last 12 posts. But only 12 posts not more. Probably to safe actions…

So if you post daily or even more often it means all users that did not like the last one or two weeks. Imho it might give some false positives and I would unfollow users that maybe take a break or just didnt like that much the last days. As you suggested

would be a more secure option but take a lot of actions and needs probably several scrapers depending on the amount of posts/likes and users.

I tried the pro option of a tool to analyze hashtags. They also offer a followers manager showing a list of your followers and how many likes and comments they gave… sounds good but it never really worked well. It gave many wrong values… which is also risky to use. So I was wondering if one of you knows a way how to generate a list (csv) of all my followers with values for likes, comments, last like/comment and maybe ammount of followings the follower got (to get an idea if it is a mass follower)??

Maybe one of you can help me with this CSV as I dont have scraper accounts in Jarvee (8K followers, 260posts)?

EDIT: Another thing that came to my mind I red in this forum earlier: Some users only watch your posts or save them but dont like or comment (publicly). They are probably also important for the internal reanking in IG. And those you cannot filter at least I don’t know how…