Ghosted FB Account- Now Disabled

I am using a very conservative approach. I sue the embedded browser to make a few comments and accept friends. At first I posted in add me fast and there was not even one comment on my post. Thought was account was ghosted but I I logged in from another account and searched and the account was there. Last night I posted a photo in another group. Just a normal photo but very pretty girl. I got over a hundred of friend requests and I accepted just a few (manually) I was selecting only friends with North American location. Today I try to login and the account is disabled. WHAT IS THE FISHY THING ABOUT WHAT I DID? Please don’t tell me I did something wrong!

Okay, I’ll leave that to Facebook.

How pretty, how much skin & was it on topic for the group?

There are so many things.

Age of acc
101 things

Kind of next door girl pretty with regular clothing.No nude not too much skin. Group is for friendship. The account age is 5 years. I was warming it for a month. Using a clean proxy one per account. Chat is turned off.

Sigh.I thought managing accounts will be easier with MP, but it is just as frustrating as manually managing accounts. I am wondering if it is safe to use embedded browser.

there is nothing to worry about embedded browser