GIFS to Video - How do you convert them?

Hey there! I wanted to start an account full of only GIFS, however the only method of uploading a GIF to IG would be through a looping video.
What are the best methods for converting GIFS into video?

I have tried online converters of GIF to MP4 but the quality loss is horrid.
I have thought about using Adobe Premiere but to do that to a batch of gifs sounds like a lot of time invested.

Thank you in advance for your advice.

there is an app called Gifx on the apple store that you can convert gifs to video or videos to gif.

What are you using as the source to make the videos? Your own content, youtube?

I think you’re better off finding the original video that the gif was made from to be honest and posting a looped version of that. Gifs are highly compressed files so what you’re doing by converting it back to a video is stretching an image which has been originally compressed to smaller resolution whilst also removing frames from the original file to make the file size so small. When you’re making it a video again from the gif format you aren’t getting the orginal resolution back, you’re stretching a small image to a bigger size which will keep the same quality as the smaller version but will be displayed bigger, which will be the reason why the quality looks so bad. similar to like if you watched a 240p resolution video and you watched it fullscreen on a HD monitor or TV. it would look terrible. But there are apps out there you could use if you dont have time to do it in editing software such as premiere pro if you did want to go down the route of converting Gifs to Video files. But I would try source the original video. I hope this helped

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When I need to convert something I usually use online services. I just type XY to YZ online converter in Google and in the first few results I always find a good service.

GIfs from around the internet. Really just .gif files

Most of the gifs I want to use are not just plainly taken from videos, some of them are already edited etc… and I want them just as they are. Also Its a bit of a mass/batch thing , so while its important that they retain their quality, Im also looking into it giving the least amount of work.

There is a app called gif view pro on the App Store.

If you have any examples of the gifs you had in mind I could take another look and try and try help come up with a solution.

Any video convertor ultimate.
You can convert unlimited number of gifs to a bunch of formats,you will need iphone mp4.
The quality is the same as the gif.
After you make the converting make sure you sort your files based on lenght since IG accepts 3+seconds video so anything shorter than 3 seconds won’t work.
thats it.

The fastest way and out of the box is play it, and you record it with software like camtasia etc, :joy:

If you are on a Mac I use Total Video Converter (the pro version). I don’t know about the lite version I’ve had it for so long I can’t remember. It’s an older app but it’s easy peasy. When I need to I just dump 100+ in there and go have a beer.

After you go through the dead simple settings setup. You literally just drop your files into the “Drop video music files here” box and select the Instagram output.

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For mac and windows users the easiest way I have found is this website it lets you crop your gif first, convert to mp4 and download, all free.

Does the job!