Gigantic followers drop WTF?

Hey, did anybody else today notice huge followers count drop? We are managing this account with 61k followers but today dropped by 3.5k ? Anyone else?

Personally dont care, clients freaking out


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btw he has gigantic Engagement rate… 5-10k likes on every single picture…

Hahah, that is a decent drop number.
I assume they were bot accounts.

So far no drop(s) in my accounts.

Same happened here. Might be a glitch again. I remember it happening before. Other accounts still see the number without drop.

Wait it out for a bit to see if it’s a glitch or not

exactly, thats what I told him on the phone call, beautiful morning 8AM call with a pissed client :smiley:


Only pos thing is that the ER % increased :man_shrugging:t2:

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I had same experience yesterday. One account dropped 20K! And another dropped 8,3K! Both accounts dropped almost at the same time.

recovered since then? was it a bug?

btw i just exported all the followers from today (.csv) file

is there any way i could get the list of yesterdays followers (with the 3.5k deleted)
so that i could analyze which accounts got deleted

No it’s not recovered. I guess it most have been the fake followers I bought years ago to kickstart the accounts with.

Look at the bright side though. I don’t have to hunt the ghost followers on these 2 accounts. Now they are gone and aren’t effecting ER :grin:

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Oddly enough other accounts still see the non drop number. So it’s glitching again

sadly client doesnt have that mentality

Hi there, just saying I also noticed a large drop on a few accounts on the same day, however some accounts didn’t, maybe ghost followers or a bug?

Say No More !
Instagram cleaning the house again


Still a painful statistic between all the green. Looks like you’re a cheater with such a sudden drop. That’s the only thing that bothers me. My ER went up though.

I feel yo bro! But if those by any chance has been bot/fake followers, there isn’t really anything you can do about it unfortunately.

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just sent client your guys replies and he was happy

cheers :stuck_out_tongue:

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:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: Awesome. Happy that it worked out for you mate :ok_hand:


so glad to read this i had two drop 300 like never before…cleaning the fakes i suppose

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Client account dropped 1300 overnight. Might be that he had purchased some bots in the past but he declined it when I put it up to him and he nail the blame on me…