Giveaway bleeding due to loops

Hey guys! I have a new client with a good base community and great content. The problem is, this person participated in a ton of loop giveaways and is endlessly bleeding followers. Currently loses 400 a day and gains maybe 150 organically. What can be done to supplement the difference and revive this account? Was thinking of some mother-slave so if you know anyone reliable let me know. Other than that what are the options?

1st of all = communication with client

2nd = Basic math… if your client’s account lose 15 followers daily and you will grow his account with 15 followers daily so his growth will be 0 daily.

I had similar issue with clients… you can check your follow back ratio via jarvee result table and send back file to client.

I just took on the client. Trying to do this all manually or through ads unless m/s is only option. Was wondering if anyone had any other suggestions

suggestion for what ?

If the account is verified you could run Story views + votes

That’s why giveaway loop aren’t better than buying followers.

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