[GiveAway] I will be giving away accounts for this coming christmas

Since Christmas is just a few days away, i will be giving away 5 free fresh account.

Instagram, Facebook or Twitter i will create them for you.

This is include the password, profile pic and photo upload of your choosing.

How will i create?

With these.

Accounts are handmade and is created with real PH simcards.

Accounts will have a +63( country code ) + the phone number of the sim as a username.

First five to post here will recieve the account that they want.


I am in for Facebook Accounts,How can I send you the photos and details?

Thanks for the giveaway! :slight_smile: I’d like blank new IG accounts. I will change the profile pictures and the passwords myself.

Very generous of you :slight_smile: hope this will be helpful for community members!

That’s awesome thank you! Twitter accounts pls☺️ Happy holidays!

Hey! Interested in Fb accounts

Sorry for the delay.
Will be giving the accounts tommorow.

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what happened to this? :smiley: never got any. was it fake?

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So appreciating