Giveaways and terms of participation

Hey guys,

I’d like to start a giveaway on insta and heard, that sharing the giveaway in their story or tagging other people is not allowed.
But I also see huge companies making terms of participation like these.

My questions:

  1. Is instagram doing something about it in general? If so - What is usually happening?
  2. When competitors report my giveaways to instagram, how high is the chance of being banned?

Can sth. beside of instagram happen to me (in a legal context)?

I am happy to hear your experiences

Thank you:)

You should definetely analyze the local law about organizing gambling, as some countries have strict rules and organizing giveaways could be treated as lottery and you may need a license for that. (What is quite absurd)

A lot of people are doing giveaways (also fake ones massively) so I don’t see a reason to be afraid of creating one. Or maybe I’m missing something.

Yeah my uncle is doing life in high security prison for doing an iPhone giveaway

Scary shit

Really or you are just joking ?

I hope it is Just Sarcasm

my nephew also charged from tax evasion because he won giveaway but not paying the tax

do you guys know of any groups / people offering these types of giveaways?
I’d be very interested in joining and pay for that service to get more followers