Giving out my login for a course worth $20,000

So i bought this course by Billy gene when it was on sale at a big discount. It is supposedly worth all this money and should teach you everything Billy gene knows.
I got it because I was thinking of getting an app made . I then found a developer here in my country , did my apps quickly and at a great price now that the apps are out , I am spending all my time working on them and don’t have the time to do the course yet.

I thought you guys would be interested in it so I want to give it out for free.

I hope there are no rules to too many people using the same login because I do intend to do the course later on.


Dammmmn will appreciate it bro

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20K for a course, for that money he better teach me how to make gold from shit


Haha it’s a combination of his best courses altogether worth 20k

I am interested in that

Awesome, would definitely be interested to check it out.

just a note guys , he didn’t pay 20K for the course , billy gene “says” he’s course worth 20K .
the price for such courses is usually between 497$-997$ .
thank you for your generous giveaway btw @Shiro_Kimotho , i would love to have a look at this course.


Sounds good to me! :slight_smile:

Wow I am also interested

Interested as well

I would also be very much interested :slight_smile: count me in please

interested! Could you share it?

definately interested thanks!


Interested too, curious to see ! Many people talked about that, let’s see !

any chance you can send it to me? :slight_smile:

Who’s Billy Gene?

it would be interesting to check this out, how to get access? and thank you in advance!!

I am also interested. Would appreciate it!

I snagged this when he did his bday sale at $30 for all of his courses. Happy I snagged it then! I find Billy to be extremely legit and authentic with his work.

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