Giving up! Accounts won’t grow!

Giving up! So I have 3 Insta accounts I’m trying to grow, (1 personal: 41k followers and 2 for my very small self employed work services, 1 with 5400 followers, the other is totally new so pretty much no followers).

The thing is I’ve given up trying to use automation as the largest account loses followers (usually around 100) every time I post despite the content being good and relevant to my audience. Also when I do f/f and likes I get bans no matter what the settings are or how low.

I’m at the point where I’m looking at paying someone a monthly fee to grow my following for me on these accounts. The first one was very close to 50k followers at one point (I grew it organically to around 10k then with the right settings and sources grew it to almost 50k). I’d love to get it nearer to 100k if possible. I’m happy to still create and post all content myself.

I’ll be honest I can’t afford much fee wise as I’m in the events industry which is has been at a standstill since March now and no idea when this will change.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated and if anyone wants to give me some idea of what they could do to grow the accounts and idea of costs that would be awesome. I’m looking for someone honest and reliable and that will be able to grow the accounts with the type of good quality followers that won’t disappear after a few weeks or months.

You’re a lovely lot on here and have been wonderfully helpful before so I’m trying to keep what little faith I’ve got left in all this.

The thing you are saying that you are losing 100 followers a day with having 50k followers, you cannot stop that. Each and every account on Instagram bleed followers daily, but some grow by posting content and doing paid shoutouts. If your account gets reach from Hastags or Explore then it is possible to grow your account. But, Also I would like to know what niche you are in.


Hey mate, I think in your case you shouldn’t go for automation and look more towards using Facebook Ads to advertise your business. Especially since you’re in the service industry, you want to sell specific services towards a certain demographic, automation doesn’t target those kinds of needs so well as the targeting is a bit more general especially since you’re looking for people specifically needing your events services.

Since i’m not sure exactly what you’re selling but whatever it is, create a Facebook ads video outlining what you sell as a service (15-20 seconds) showing its benefits and the best aspects of it (people enjoying your event, the offerings of the event, etc) and add a Call to Action such as “book now”. With Facebook ads you can better target those that are looking for these kinds of services and its easier to find clients that way. The problem with automation is that there isn’t any Call to Action when you interact with someone, you need to explicitly tell them what to do which gives you conversions.


I feel your pain my dude. All I do is lose when posting as well, no matter what. In some cases which is the most ironic part, it’s a repost of an old photo that I archived and did exceptionally well the first time. So it’s not just you.

It’s probably in part due to the way they are messing with the algorithm and it doesn’t help you stay motivated.
Automation or not, it’s disheartening to even bother with a platform that pushes users away instead of encourages them to stay.

Just wish the feed would go back to chronological so you wouldn’t miss content that people posted. Stories are the same, I’ll randomly see something pop up as if it was “new” when it was posted 20 hours ago and never showed up there to begin with.

Who wants to engage with old content? Who wants to stay on a platform that intentionally doesn’t show your content to people who are currently using it and instead chooses to show it later?

“Hey guys, I’m looking for someone to join me on this thing tomorrow”
Post is displayed 23 hours later to 50% of followers, making said event impossible to have known about.

Like wtf? I know, it’s part of gaming the system to combat that, as well as follower bleed, but if you’re not at big account scale (I’d say over 100k) the losses are significantly more detrimental. 5k account losing 100 per post? Doomed. That’s my current personal account boat btw :smiley: Gain 5 per day, lose 20. Gain 10 per day? Lose 50 within the next 2. I’m on track to have my biggest monthly losses in 3 years.

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Never give up.


Since March, my quotes accounts have lost nearly 400k. Nearly every other quote account I track that are not mine are losing also. I moved into other niches and am growing there. So far I formed a little network of nearly 480k since February and am growing decently there. Some niches are dying others are exploding. Don’t give up, just move on.


Still posting manualy from the phone?

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I’m not losing 100 followers a day, just every time I post :cry:

Yes I do post manually using the app on my phone

Which niche? Some niches are not “hot” anymore. Like makeup for example. Few years back we had explosion of make-up gurus and artists. Nowadays people are fed up with makeup and new “gurus” every week and are not interested in following anymore.

Yes… All accounts . I used creator to schedule and post but I went down from 1k a day to 250 each time I used it. 3 times over 4–5 days 3 months length

Fitness / health/ wellness

That is the case on my side.

My gun/hunting accounts got destroyed this year, like no reach, bleeding, getting reported, etc so I have them on hibernation.

While my interior and travel blew up during the same period.

No major actions, just content and hashtags.

This was happening to one of my clients aswell. Nice looking girl, we used f/u to build her acc, whenever she add new post she lose 150-200 followers. I was wondering why because she put very good photo and get many likes… and I thought this could be the reason. Followers dont know or recognize her, they maybe dont remember how they followed her account. When they see her photo on their feed they are like who is this?? and unfollow. So, I tell you this because whenever you get followers using any methods and not organic way (person find you and follow because they want it) its most likely you will have some problems (bad engagement, unfollowing etc)