Giweaways, yes or no?

Hey guys :slight_smile: I would like to hear your experience with running giveaways on different social media, if you are willing to share your experience. :slight_smile:

Some things that would be interesting to know:

  • what type of giveaways you run?
  • on what social media platform you run them?
  • how often do you run them?
  • what are you usually trying to achieve with them?
  • how often you run them?
  • what do you give as a prize?

Thank you in advance for your contribution :slight_smile:

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Hi Bianca - I have a feeling we might have chatted last night.

I do giveaways for smaller Brands occasionally as paid work to gain them followers- as far as loops etc go or how to run them I’m not sure but it’s something I’m interested in doing.


hey @N00BBY thank you for your reply :slight_smile: you probably mixed me with somebody else. :slight_smile:

If I understood you, you create the strategy and idea for them, what they should do and how?

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All my clients who did giveaways (10+) got their engagement dropped by 50% (or even more) in the first week after running a giveaway.

Followers are great for ego, but those people don’t follow you because they wanted but because they were something to win, and eventually unfollowed you right after meaning IG understood what happened and will shadowban the account.

Yes sorry - it was a name mix up with someone else I had spoke to very recently about giveaways on IG by DM.
Yes - I charge the brand.

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people don’t follow u in this scenario for sure they are just looking for prizes.

Hey @Bianca, I never run giveaways myself, but I’ve seen some accounts I’m following on IG do a loop giveaway. The prizes they give are usually newest smartphones. Those who are in a loop giveaway want to get thousands followers within a short period of time. I’ve also seen some accounts do a giveaway on Twitter. They give away e-money. What they do is they ask people who want to win the prize to reply to their tweet with a certain hashtag. This method helps them make the hashtag become a trending topic on Twitter.

Yes, it’s really bad if these users realize fast that they are not interested in your content at all. But it can be a great way to attract people to at least see your profile and potentially become your loyal followers and maybe clients, customers, etc :slight_smile:

Their main objective is to get the prize, but this is your opportunity for you to show our profile to more people. I personally participated in few of them, and some of the profiles stayed on my followings list, but definitely some of the were unfollowed :smiley:

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Yes, I saw many of these that give newest smartphones. Interesting stuff about Twitter giveaways, I didn’t see these :smiley: is this even legal :joy: Good idea tho :smiley:

Read again what I’ve written.

Giveaways attract 95% of people not interested and get you shadowban because even if people still follow you, they will never interact with your content, IG will detect your post as bad and the exposure will be destroyed.

I’m the one who gets paid.

Definitely. Staying far from these systems (that can be called “scams” for many of them), will be the best taken decision of your day :+1:

Like any other kind of methods and strategies, what works for some, maybe will not work for others. Since I see giveaways very often, being done by some successful accounts with great engagement, they must be working for them. Also, it depends on what you want to achieve and what you are asking participants to do in order to participate…

For example, you don’t have to ask people to follow your account. Or you can just create a giveaway that you will dedicate to your current followers, in order to create better relation and keep them interested :slight_smile:

Yeah it’s legal, :grinning: i think this is a good method to make a trending topic. Just make sure the hashtag doesn’t annoy some people. :grin: If some people don’t like the hashtag, there’s a chance that they will report it, thus makes the hashtag get blocked from being TT. As for IG, i think you should stay away from loop giveaways.

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Makes the hashtag be blocked by what? TT?
Sorry it’s like me saying someone is 10/10 (deceased)

By twitter, it can disappear from the TT list even though there are still many users tweeting with that hashtag. People can report a trend as spam, abusive, harmful, duplicate, low quality…