GlobalCoin - Facebooks Cryptocurrency coming 2020

According to BBC Facebook will push hard into the financial sector and introduce their very own cryptopcurrency “GlobalCoin”.

Marks words:“Sending money should be as easy as sending a picture.”

I’ve mentioned before that I believe that Instagram is moving towards a shared marketplace, features like tagging pictures with your products and making it easier for customers to shop directly in Instagram all speak for that.

With the implementation of blockchain technology and an own cryptocurrency into Instagram the app would offer un-thought-of possibilities like never before for brands, companies and influencers alike.

  • Have your stats compact form ready to send over to brands/companies that request to work with you.

  • Get the contract directly in the app, containing all the necessary information like payout, what content they want and deadlines.

  • Create the content and have it approved by the brand.

  • Post the content (maybe this happen automatically or the company/brand will have control over it) and receive your payout directly in the app.

What are your thoughts on this and “GlobalCoin”? Do you think it will change the landscape of social media?

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I genuinely hope that it does decent. If it will, I believe that selling things in general between people would be better, but knowing zuck, he will add many limitations and milk this to make as much money as possible. (ie. Limiting accounts)

Truly hope it works as it can open new avenues for online marketers.
But doesn’t the fact that FB/IG have pretty much all info on their users defeat the purpose of a cryptocurrency as it’s not gonna be anonymous and untraceable? (genuine question)

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I wonder if the will allow to use this currency for Inauthentic Activity

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Facebook ads targetted on exactly how much money you have, incoming! This is pretty scary tbh.

Very true. But almost all of wallet/crypto services require some type of identification to know who you are, simply to prevent fraud.

Having people buy your cryptocurrency is kind of like selling gift cards. You may still have the cash in value but you can’t change it back and have to spend it on something by that certain company.

I think that they’re releasing it with the intention to make payments easier and faster, and not necesseraly because of anonimity.

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Sounds kinda cool, but I don’t trust Facebook in the slightest.

Why not?

Do you have an Facebook account?

Not anymore I don’t.

I don’t really care about their advertising methods and information gathering (for advertising specifically) but I don’t trust them to control matters which affect society (news, money, etc.)


My guess is that it will work similiar to Steemit.

As long as I can invest in it and become richer when the value goes up, I’m good! :smiley:

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All the war against automation has to do with this.

Lol BTC is back up at 8000 just noticed xD

How profitable is Steemit?

Profitable? If you mean STEEM as an investment it’s anyone’s guess. It’s at $0.29 right now. The SM platform Steemit lets you earn STEEM, so it is as profitable as your content is popular. If it’s worth the time is another question.

You mean back down…it touched 9000.
Last change to get into crypto :grin: cheap eveywhere.

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I think that this is either going to be a massive win or a massive fail.

Either way right now is a good time to invest 10% of your disposable income.

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Yes cryto is a fail for the past 10 years…

Social Media crypto existed with indahash coin and it did absolutely terrible. As a past investor of crypto I have no hope for a stable future and its too risky

What fascinates me is that when one crypto currency drops, all the others do as well.

Same goes for silver and gold…

Makes absolutely no sense to me. What really dictates the values?

As far as I know this coin has his value sticking to the us dollars so it can be used for speculation purposes. If it allows fully anonymity it will be the real first cryptocurrency that has value but I doubt that it will be anonymous

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