Gmail accounts keep getting banned: "It looks as though this account was associated with multiple other accounts..."

Hey guys, my gmail accounts keep getting banned, i attached the screenshoot in this message to show what kind of error i get.

I use 200 gmail accounts to send emails , 50 emails from 1 gmail account, so in total 200 x 50 = 10’000 emails daily. I use it with a special software.

The problem is that in the beginning it all worked fine, i was able to send 10’000 emails from 200 gmail accounts for over a month. Then i tried to add more accounts, another 200 and i got in trouble, i got all 200 accounts banned, then i tried to add another 200 accounts, also got them banned and all of them got disabled because of this same error.

I haven’t changed anything in the setup, nor in settings, i was doing 100% all same, so i dont understand how its possible that for more than 1 month all was fine and only now bans started getting even though im using same setup.

Please, let me know guys how to fix this problem. Thank you!

It’s going to be within your set up.

200 individual people can send 10k emails.

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The account is flagged maybe you used to sent the same message to same peoples so google interlink them or use same message