Gmail Email Aliases


one thing i have struggled out with lately is email creation and follow up with all these emails coming from Instagram and Facebook for activation and so.

i discovered if you have a paid Gsuite plan (which i have) you can create up to 30 email aliases for your primary domain, the cost of the Gsuite service is really cheap (5$ per month) and i think its much more trusted than the free aliases email providers out there.

this method is great if you are willing to keep your accounts growing, also note that adding of a new user in the Gsuite will add extra 5$ on your spendings

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If you don’t pay for Gsuite plan, you can create 100s emails for your primary address :slight_smile:

I really wished that this method work for me. Unfortunately it don’t :confused::confused:

That method has been hit or miss for me, as well.

If you have GSuite (or any domain with a working mail server, for that matter), just set up a catchall address & you can have unlimited email addresses.


Don’t you run the risk of guilt by association? Meaning if all your email addresses come from the same domain and one is attached to a banned account, will all other accounts with that same-domain email address be at risk as well?

Well, sure. Anything is possible. I’ve never had any problems, though - mainly because I spread the risk. I’ve had plenty of individual accounts banned from whatever service, but never an entire domain.

I’ve got 12 of the .88 domains from Namecheap that I use only for email. $5/month Hostgator account to host them. I spread my registrations across the domains.


i have read about this catchall address idea after your recommendation, really great idea. Thx :slight_smile:

I see. And I’m sure it’s easy to do a catchall email address for all the dozens of email addresses per domain, right? How many domains can you host under the hostgator $5 plan?

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Yes, from your cPanel go to the “Mail” section & then “Default Address”. Forward all unrouted mail to whatever email address you’d like to use -, for instance. BTW, this is true for most any host, not just Hostgator… at least the ones that offer a cPanel to manage your domain.

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only one domain per 5$

No, one primary domain & unlimited addon / sub domains (which function just like a primary domain). Here’s the first page of my addon domains

The addon domains are created as sub-directories of your primary domain & share the same resources as your primary domain. I wouldn’t dream of hosting production sites like this, but for email it’s perfectly fine.

BTW, I’m not pushing hostgator, but they were the cheapest I found at the time. Namecheap also offers unlimited addon domains. I’m pretty sure GoDaddy does not.

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In my case i don’t have cpanel only google gsuite and droplet ubuntu

In that case, you could rule the world! Just set up a sendmail server - or whatever mail server ubuntu uses - update your MX & go to town!

I’m still using the old legacy free version of Google Apps for business, which did support a catchall address. I’m not sure if they’ve removed that in the new G Suite?

Yes its all mentioned here

What is the difference between good email account such as GMail and cheap email accounts such as Rediffmail??? Does Gmail account raise less red flag compared to Rediffmail??

The difference is their security check, nothing to do with what networks see.

What is the difference when we use instagram??

No difference.

Then buying rediff in bulk is much cheaper and faster way than creating Gmail. With $25, you can get 500 rediff accounts

On some sites you can even get 1k for that price.

And is much cheaper and less troublesome than rediff.