Going live on instagram? is it even worth it?

I always hear people talking aboout going live on instagram on their profile.

do you guys actually see any benefit from doing so?

just curious on the perks on going live vs just making an edited video that would be a lot more pleasing to watch?

let me know what you guys think.

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When you go live on IG your followers usually get a notification by default that you’re live. This generates a lot of traffic to your stream. Furthermore, livestreams always appear first on your story-line - more impressions.
Also it’s a main trend to do livestreaming (Twitch, YouTube etc.). You can engage with your followers and create a strong bond with your community. So in the long run you will probably benefit from this. :blush:

Edit: Plus, with the upcoming monetization, IG wants you to create video content and generates more traffic to this media. You may also make money through this in the future :thinking:

The most important thing about going live is creating that atmosphere of engaging with your followers, they’ll be able to interact with you directly and that’s what’s special for people regarding live streams.

The beta testing of donations during lives already being done.

okay amazing, and you guys recommend i go live on facebook & Instagram at the same time?

yes, it will be good for your account engagement, live is very helpful in that area, just make sure to give some kind of value not like most streamers just sitting down staring at the webcam :joy:

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I usually go live every week with my page - I interview industry experts and influencers. Some have sizeable followings, some don’t.

Go in with your eyes open:

  • It won’t be a magic bullet that gives you 1,000 followers overnight
  • It won’t get millions of viewers unless it is something incredibly viral
  • It will probably need prep and prior advertising to your audience

That said, it is great for engagement, building a human connection, and networking easily with influencers. Instagram’s algorithm probably likes it behind the scenes as well.

Alongside the benefits others have mentioned above, going live alongside a massive influencer page might get plenty of viewers and followers as an added bonus. You can also download your video and use it for a YouTube video or podcast.

If you can plan around upcoming in-app monetization, even better!

In terms of views and follows as the only metric, I would always choose a well-crafted viral video. However, I don’t think that is what your aim should be with IG Live.

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Pros and cons depending on audience…Nothing to lose in the end tho, I am a fan of it. As long as you can deliver value to your followers. You can do some prep by surveying your followers of what they want to hear during the live, any particular guest they want to see along your side, topics etc. …as mentioned above above all make sure you don’t waste people’s time with just staring at the cam lol

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After my very first IG Live, I quickly figured out to just dive in with a prepared intro and a bit of user engagement as people join - none of that blank staring for me! :joy:

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Yeah, you gotta be a kind of a showman to pull it through every time without some blank space :smiley: