Going Live on TikTok

A quick question. Since I’m using a 2nd SIM card, I no longer have access to my Live. Once I switch back to my regional SIM, the option to go Live returns. Any explanation for that? Will I get suspended if I only use my regional card to go Live, and the foreign SIM to post videos and surf?


I have never heard of that issue, but i’m sure @oolongo can help you, he know ways around TikTok


No reason why you should be suspended for that imo

I’m not suspended. I still go Live with my main SIM, but once I switch to my Thai SIM, the Live option isn’t there. I also lose my Favorite filters, sounds, etc. Everything goes back to normal once I switch to my main SIM.

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Still the same. Any ideas?

The live option is just not available in your 2nd SIM’s country. I also have 2 different versions of TikTok depending on which card I am using.
The only thing you can do is to wait for the release.

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A friend of mine is currently in Spain, and lost the Live option as well. How does this work for people who constantly travel?

Also, it is available in Thailand, where my 2nd SIM is. I’ve seen many users from there going live.

Update: Oh, nevermind. Just checked that they’re currently testing it and a limited amount of users have it. Thanks, that’s a relief!

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If you travel you can just keep your country’s SIM and upload from Wi-Fi.
Nowadays you can use your own country’s phone abroad for cheap if you subscribe to an international plan.

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As a digital nomad, I visit countries for more than 3 months, and mainly use mobile data there for work. International roaming would cost me thousands.

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Where you from originally?

Originally from France.

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vive la france. Je ne savais pas :slight_smile:

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