Going Manuall - GPS?

Do you enable the GPS for IG/Device once you do manual actions ?
I mean the issue is that after 10 -20 phones on the same area IG will be mad, no ?

Isn’t it better to turn off the GPS ?

Don’t think they care about the GPS location, think about it, in any mall, public event, etc etc there are thousands of people with the same exact GPS location. And even many times sharing the same IP like when you use a free wifi in a shopping center.


But this is not the case for 300 phones doing many F/U actions.
If all have same model + similar beehive, GPS can connect them, right?

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Location doesn’t matter, what gonna make accounts connected is if they are sharing the same device & ip adress

Everything can be detected and tracked, but do you have any idea how many similar devices are connected at the same time at the same location in the example that I told you? IG is not linking different Devices/accounts, it’s all about the IPs, and if those 300 are doing the same actions in a particular account, for example liking a mother posts or saving, sharing etc, there they will detected it in the blink of an eye.

What about 300 accounts all xiami note 6 (for Example) is the same room, not same IP but same subnet (4g). doing tons of actions ? don’t you think it is relevant ? I do.

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Since I got 3 of the same device all done manual (we can call it manual :)) actions by the same guy in the same room all blocked at the same day.

Doing it only one from a diffrent place never got blocked.

all the accounts on the same subnet get banned

and the amount of actions, we experimented with a group of people, more than 10 at work, all doing normal IG activities, all in the same LAN, only one IP from the ISP, and nobody got a single block.

it’s about the amount of actions, the IG system is clearly setup with many parameters/limits, if you are trying to do manual actions so don’t do them systematically because they become “non-human” for IG or…
still human but with a spammy behavior.

This is nothing now… even 1000 ppl on same ip doing 1-5 likes a day is ok. all doing 200 F/U … will get all blocked manually or not.

So how can you go manually ? it will most likely use same 4g provider (ISP) … what is the proper way ?

proper way is not to become a robot. Be a real user, watch stories, scroll in feed and explore and do actions naturally. We don’t have any problems at all with this approach, you can probably use 100 same mobile (depending on the population of your city) in same location before they give a fuck,

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i don’t think instagram cares about that

Can you tell me how many phones of same type in the same loction ?
So I understand you did not turn location off?
How many actions a day?
Is it done in diffrent hours ?