Going on vacation and take MP with me in hotel?

I’m planning to go on vacation for around 2 weeks in a hotel. What do u think? Is the WiFi Connection stroing enough? In all hotels I were before it was always super slow…

What do I have to do? I have a good income on the internet and can’t stop working for 2 weeks.
and in my country I live alone, I cant tell somebody else to keep an eye on MP while I’m in another country on vacation.

Noone can tell if the wi-fi connection is going to be strong or not.
If you have many accounts most likely it will not work,if you have just 1-5 accounts maybe.Some wi-fi connections are so bad you can’t even refresh your fb page.

I would recommend migrating your MassPlanner on a VPS. This way your MassPlanner will run 24/7 and you can remotely access it from anywhere around the world with an internet connection.

If you have 2 computers, then leave Computer #1 at home turned on + running MassPlanner. Then install TeamViewer remote desktop utility.

On computer #2 install Teamviewer on it also. Bring this computer with you on vacation, and use it to remptely connect to computer #1 at home.


LOL, yeah, if you claim that, then why isn’t it already on a VPS or dedicated server?


Who needs that? VPS is for peasants.

On a slightly more serious note, somethings are out of your control.

If you absolutely have to control your MP at all times, which you don’t, then you can always

  • rent wifi
  • rent a cafe
  • get a prepaid sim with big enough data to last your duration

Or just follow what Brandon says. He’s always right.


I dunno man, MP could really use some time off…

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Damn it! That made me lol HARD! :joy:

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FYI you can actually use the TeamViewer app on Android, I’ve been managing my remote VM MP machine via TeamViewer on my phone when traveling for photoshoots and it’s worked really well beyond the small screen and slow mobile mouse movement. But, it gets the job done from far away, just on regular data. I wouldn’t want to do this for weeks on end, but for a few days to a week or so vacation it would be perfect, for me.


Man! I could never do that on a 4 inch screen :smiley: and it would also be so unproductive (if you know me, then you would know that would drive be bonkers). Im happy to hear that works for you though :smiley:

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Currently at a hotel - Running on laptop with Remote desktop connection on vps - everything is fine lol.
In fact. If you have an android phone. NOW is your time to start making accounts via mobile browser if you do Instagram which i’ve seen you in so yes. :slight_smile: I just started doing this yesterday and have 2 new accounts that are running great! just fill everything out with legit info and batta boom you’re good to go. Just kill all browser data and clear cache and you can redo in a few hours - I wait so they odnt see a shit ton of accounts getting made at once from the same IP address.

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I can also second the usage of TeamViewer or Logmein. I use both but I like Logmein a bit better (just preference), and I use the iphone app or the desktop app to control my MP running on my home server from anywhere in the world.

so bad… hahaha
But yeah man, get vps.

If i use public wifi i never login in important things. VPS,mail…
But thats me, haha;)

I wouldn’t call it useful for anything but adjusting some settings and starting/stopping stuff. but that’s generally all you need to do if you’ve planned your strategy for a week or two :grinning:

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Yea that makes more sense if you are just starting and stopping stuff :slight_smile:

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You can let your computer run on your house and connect to it with teamviewer or any think else
i think it can work for you event with 3g connection