Going to buy 100 Instagram accounts what do I need?

Hi guys,

I have 100 proxies and I’m going to buy Instagram accounts.
What kind of Instagram account do I need? Pva? And that’s it?
Or did I miss something?


PVA is overhyped, it is not necessary to get PVA accounts per se. you need instagram accounts as old as you can find within your budget. preferably 3 months old or more. 8months accounts are great.

as you buy those accounts, make sure they come with original email accounts, check if these email accounts have the original welcome email from instagram, as proof of creation

i would advise you to buy ten accounts from the seller first, try them out for a week or two before you buy more.


with all respect when you ask this questions:

Just start with 10!

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additionally, where did you get these 100 proxies. are you sure they are dedicated proxies, good for instagram use?

some proxies are good, some are bad, some get your good accounts banned rightaway, so it’s best to test them out first with fewer accounts then to risk losing more accounts fast.

additionally, it may be good to rest some proxies first before you use them. Aged proxies are like aged accounts and aged wine… but some sellers do say that it’s a waste of resources letting the proxies sit unused. i’m not sure of this aspect myself.

If you’re completely sure about buying:
@PortraitPhotography is right. Buying PV accounts is just a hype. At one point, you would still need to PV those accounts, especially if you’re in the spamming side of the IG business.

Aged ones might help but only if they were aged naturally. When I was starting out, I went around and contacted my friends and relatives, asking them if they are still using their IG accounts or if they have any spare ones. If so, I’m willing to buy them. The accounts I bought from them are still very alive up to this day.

A few months back, I was also buying my accounts. But I prefer fresh, non-PV accounts. They’re the cheapest and they’re the only ones you need, IMHO.

If you’re still pondering – to buy or not to buy:
Might I suggest finding out a way to create your own accounts? Yes, it takes time and effort on your part but with this, you would totally be in control of the quality, eliminating the worries of buying from a bad seller or buying a bad batch from a good seller which is worse since there’s really no way of knowing this.


I got proxies from buyproxies.org I have 100 twitter accounts and they work fine… they say it is good for Instagram… let’s see…

What is a good price for 100 non pva Instagram account?

If they are 3 - 6 months old, it will be something like 1 - 2 $ per account.

Great to hear I’m not the only one who bought my friends/families IG accounts lol & those are the best accounts as well too.

As for OP get aged accounts. New accounts gave me a pva too much im just not that patient to warm up. Also use high quality proxies 3 accounts per proxy. 100 proxies would cost you a lot of money unless u have a high ROI or something.

Thanks guys…

Where can I buy IG accounts?

What kind? Empty? Fresh? Aged? With followers?

I am also new to the game and in need of IG accounts. Prefer aged and empty but fresh and empty works too.