What’s an epiphany moment you’ve had in the gym?

I’m talking about stuff like…

  1. How do you change up your workouts.
  2. How do you break through plateaus
  3. What one exercise you find provides the best results.
  4. Warm up routine
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i only do 180 squats a day so i dont pass the 6000 monthly limits


Light weight babyyy

  1. You shouldn’t change your workouts too often if you want to measure the progress.
  2. Consistency and making progress with weights, if I get stagnant I do deload to recover my body and the progress continues.
  3. Over head press, bench press, deadlift, squats and pullups.
  4. Warmup with 40% of the final weight.
  5. Sleeping well, staying hydrated and diet is everything. Walking at least 10k steps every day. Keeping proteins high at 2 grams/ kg to not burn muscles while cutting, fat at 0.7/ kg and the rest is carbs depends if you’re doing mass or cutting it.
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I usually change up my workout split every 3 weeks. This keeps things fresh and helps my body not get too comfortable with performing certain exercises.

Progressive overload and addressing imbalances. For example, sometimes if you’re unable to squat more weight, the issue is your core strength or ankle mobility, etc.

Probably deadlifts overall, purely due to how many muscles become engaged during the lift/exercise.

Elliptical machine for around 10 minutes (to warm up the body) followed by arm swings, arm circles, leg swings, hip circles, and then if I’m doing a big compound lift I’ll perform 2 sets of 15 with just the bar.

  • How do you change up your workouts.
    Every 4 week.

  • How do you break through plateaus

For training plateaus I use different techniques, such as giants set, supersets, forced reps, dropsets and partial reps. As the most important thing is the tonnage lifted in the end. Progressive overload isn’t only done by lifting heavier weights. But can also be done by lifting the same weight for x amount of times more, all based on your goal, either if it is hypertrophy or strength gain. (different rep ranges should be considered).

Diet plateaus, usually carb cycling does the trick, but to get my leptin levels back to normal level, I take a cheat meal every 3rd or 4th. Day. And only a meal not a cheat day.

  • What one exercise you find provides the best results.

If I only had to choose 1.


  • Warm up routine
    etc… Intense cardio for 5 minutes only to get my bloodflow up and running.

An epiphany I got in the gym was when I was trying to put on muscle but wasn’t eating enough. I in fact thought I was truly bulking but it was just newbie gains showing up.
After 4 months of realizing I was nowhere my target weight, I started eating a lot more (aiming 2.9k+). Eventually, did my first cut after that (not to professional bodybuilding level but just to remove fat).

The lessons learned was to never underestimate the power of calories and macros.


Yeah I change workouts every 3-4 months.
I’ll add in a new technique or exercise all together.
Also warm up 7-10 minutes on elliptical and start with a set of 12-15 40% 1RM

For me I was consistent in the gym for almost a year before I bulked the first time. I started at 160 bulked for a couple months till I got to 190, (was aiming for 200 but I was hating life. After awhile eating 5 meals a day plus 3-4 snacks isn’t fun anymore.) Anyways for my cut I went keto for 5-6 weeks and dropped down to 166lbs but was shredded and lean afffff. Fastword 2 years later I’m at 190lb pretty lean and it’s all because I’ve been going hard on lower body these last few weeks.

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Deadlifting twice a week on top of my regular routine got me to 100kg at 10%bf really fast…2 years ago. I’m replicating that rn to get back in shape again :stuck_out_tongue:

Also Boxing after every workout shreds the SH*T out of you

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Aiming for a 700lbs deadlift with straps by the end of the year.

Strapped PR is 575lbs right now. Pulled 400lbs without straps with ease tonight.
Video: https://twitter.com/ConnorLipke/status/1152055970547359745

I’m 250lbs, and relatively lean.

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Try to shock your muscle with different weights, every time you do biceps curls for example try to shock muscle so he doesn’t know what’s coming next, sometimes go with 2 reps max weight, sometimes 6 reps, sometimes 5 series sometimes 3, just mix things up as much as possible, and I train on average 6X in a week, 3X gym and 3x boxing

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2 key exercises are deadlift and bench press with dumbells.
If you want to be a skinny maratonist, lift lightweight.
If you want to grow big and strong, heavyweight.

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This is known as a myth already, there is no such thing as “shocking your muscles”.
As recent studies show it’s better to not switch plans too often because you adapt to the moves, your technique gets better and you can progress and measure that progress, so you know what you’re doing. Of course you can train without any goal, but if you want faster results that’s the one factor that might help.

Now there is no such thing as shocking the muscle I agree to that. But regarding change of workout plans, I highly recommend you reading about Homeostasis and General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS).
Sticking to the same workout plan could be a good idea for beginners. Exactly for this reason that you mention:

But once you adapt and become more advanced, you’ll have benefits from changing your workoutplans.
Now changes in workoutplans doesn’t necessarely mean complete changes of exercises, it could be something like adding additional sets or changing rep ranges.
Also it is important to work towards your specific goal. Someone might suddently wish to change from a primary goal, which was strength related, and now wants to switch to building muscle or losing fat or anything else.
Another great reason for workout plan change can be if your workout plan starts to bore you and your loosing motivation.

My advice:

-Full body workout everyday, no bro splits. 6 days a week training. 7th day is for rest (go to gym and stretch+ knot roll)

-Stretch daily. Before starting workout, and before bed.

-Stick to the compound movements, Squat, Deadlift, Bench, etc as main lifts. Supplement with other excersizes like curls etc.

-Shoot for 8-12 rep range

-Volume is the primary driver of Hypertrophy. Stick to high volume (not junk volume, keep up intensity)

-Hypertrophy (the pump) requires 60% of 1 rep max

-Drink gallon of water everyday. Stay hydrated before during and after workout.

-High Carb diet to increase gym performance (get .75g/lb of body weight in protein daily for optimal muscle growth)

-Vary your excercises daily

-Implement progressive overload weekly (as stated above this can be either higher weight or more reps/sets)

-Keep tension on muscles when lifting, don’t lock out your joints (causes joint pain in long run).

-Run 1 mile everyday at end of workout in less than 10 min (walk+sprint it - HIIT training)

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I absulutely agree, but my advice was for begginners or medium- advanced people, as deadlifts were mentioned here, which arent the best excercise for advanced people. They cause a lot of stress and will drain a lot of power just at the beggining of your workout, where you would put them before moving to isolated excercises. Of course that’s not the case if you train for strength, not for aesthetics.