Good Instagram affiliate networks and niches?

I’m looking for a good affiliate network which’s products I can promote on Instagram. Do you think it would be a wise idea to promote normal things like fitness products, car parts, online services like VPS, proxies etc or should I focus on more weird niches?

You could promote normal if targeted right. But no one is going to give u.exact offers that are doing great with i.g coz it would be idiotic to make yourself a competition

Indeed, I completely understand. However maybe someone can at least recommend me a good, trustable affiliate network? If someone want to earn extra cash I can sign up under their ref. I’m doing IG on a fairly big scale, will make you a few extra bucks a day even if your commission is 1% of my earnings.

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Ogadz , maxbounty , adworkmedia , cpalead
Crackrevenue for adult

These r my favourite

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I am looking for affiliate networks, not CPA/CPI. :slight_smile:

Hi, @SkewTree

if your in to IM Product

for variety of niches

IM related but there are more

this are the big dogs , Type ______ (your niche) affiliate program in google and you find plenty of other .

Again i recommend you to stick to the big dogs if you find your niche inside.
they have good tracking abilities & also a lot of marketing material for your promotions

You can check out PeerFly, I know people usually think about CPA when you mention this network, but they have variety of other offers too.

For fitness/health related products check MoreNiche.