Good Instragram Unfollow App?

Hey everyone, I’ve been using Captivate for iOS for as long as I can remember to Unfollow who’s not following back on Instagram, their app is no longer on the App Store as of like 2 years now I think, but their app was still working on my phone, however now it’s not working anymore at all just keeps saying that “No internet connection was found”.

So I need another good iOS app preferably that can take care of that, don’t care if it’s paid or free, just let me know what you use! :slight_smile:


Anyone have any suggestions ???

Use Jarvee :slight_smile: Its legendary in every sense :slight_smile:

Jarvee can do the job. It has a lot of other features as well. You can install it on a free VPS, and connect to the VPS using Remote Desktop app.

You rock mate. I am amazed by your patience and dedication to answer and help everyone

Yep, Jarvee is good for it :+1: :+1:

Hey Ossi, thanks for the suggestion, I’ve used Jarvee in the past especially with that 1 year of free VPS but I found everything to be exceptionally slow running on the VPS option that’s provided.

I’m looking to see if anyone knows of any legitimate iOS apps like Captivate was, because all I need it for is the simple follow/unfollow option.

Sorry, I don’t know of any iOS app that is working for F/U.

Amazon VPS has only 1 GB RAM. If it is too slow for you, I recommend you buy a VPS… A VPS with 2 GB RAM should cost no more than 10 USD per month.

Those types of app are flagged instantly by Instagram (not the case of Jarvee with a good set-up and VPS/proxy) so you will ruin your account trust score.

Don’t try if it’s an important account.

An app that allows unfollowing with just 1 click instead of 2 would be good enough for times like these.
Robert from Captivate gave up too early

Captivate was such an easy amazing app. I didn’t even care if they stopped developing it or working on it because it kept working perfectly until a few days ago, really is a huge shame cause I can’t seem to find anything remotely close to comparable.