Good landingpage for "freefollowers" niche

Hi every one.
I’ve been doing ig + ogads about a month. I have read Deadz guide and take action from this guide. But my conversion is low. While I spy, I can see my landingpage is over used, it mean many people has same niche also use it although this lp was purchased at marketing-rhino.
Also while I spy, I see some lp can give real followers to user of instagram.
Lp like this usually has a structure before the user click on the button: "We have started sending your new followers, but due to instagram anti bot protection only 4 of the 500 followers resquested were sent. To receive the maining followers you must complete their human verification step. After the verification is completed our server will resume sending the followers?
I checked and actually there were 4 people follow me.
I think lp like that can increase conversion
Anyone know where to buy a lp like that?
Sory for my bad english :frowning:

Your English is fine.

I saw that LP, but haven’t seen they’re selling it anywhere. Custom made, creator probably makes a lot of money with it since it really looks legit when you actually send some followers and then ask them to complete the offer.

Could I see an example of what you’re talking about? I could probably throw something together.