Good proxies for creating ig accounts

Hi everyone.
It seems that ig has improved the security.
Been looking for proxies to use for creating accounts. I’m running out of options right now.
Can somebody help with a proxie provider that are still working for creating ig accounts?
Sorry for my bad english.
Thanks in advance for your help.

Edit 1: can’t create ig accs with fb ( connected to a proxie )

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You’ll have a hard time finding proxies that do work for IG accounts creation.

Are you able to change your home IP? This method should work.

Some ISPs will give you new IP each time you restart your router/cable/adsl modem, some won’t.

For example, my ISP doesn’t change the IP, but there’s a trick, I get in to my cable modem cpanel and change its MAC address, restart it and then I get new IP :slight_smile:


Hey. Thanks for the suggestion.
I tried and i got to create only 1 acct.
After you change the ip, of course you need to use like a clean browser, delete cache etc all the basic stuff.
Can you create accs from fb page ?
I couldn’t, i think ig blocked all of my ip’s the whole package.

Does mp browser use different useragents or no ?

I think mp uses 1 user agent, but i’m pretty sure there is an option to change it

Think would be better of randomising it as they might be doing extra checks on mp users. But i dunno its just a thought maybe u dont need that at all

That’s also a problem I face. I cannot make new accounts, not on my VPS, my home IP and not even from my Proxies. I got them from and expect some VP, which are normal how I heard, they work good.

How can I make new accounts? Do I need virgin proxies? Where should I buy them or are there free ways to create more IG accounts? Because my semi-dedicated proxies work okay, expect account creation.

As i told in the original post ig created a data base with a lot of proxies and you can’t create accs with them only run accs on them.

I’ve email some proxie providers can’t remember now 1 told me that they don’t provide proxies for ig anymore. Ig stepped up theyr game so let’s join forces and crack this one.

I know there are people who knows solutions the ones is ig accs crration/selling business and because of this accs will become more expensive now because there will be less and less sources

If they don’t wanna reveal theyr secrets that’s ok i understand but you never know maybe there will be 1 guy that will share.

Sry for my bad english

Edit 1: specially when there are ig spy here on the forum

yeah this works. i get new ip every time i reset my " modem " thing. will look into it

Cool, let me know how it worked for you

It’s true that IG banned a lot of IP pools from hosting companies. I was not able to create an account on any of my private proxies (24 IPs at all).

Go to public networks and create your accounts haha

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Hahaha yes. That could work :smile:

I run my instagram campaign after i read this post,

Which recommend 2 IG account per proxy and I run 3 per account, some proxies with 4, but no more than 5 accounts, All live well, the most import is you need find good proxy provider which not marked by IG in my views!

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