Good proxy ig for follow block?

what good proxy do you recommend for followblock?

Search in the marketplace, you will find some good sellers.

Well, you did all correctly.
But you missed the “You must Pay for a marketplace thread” part.


ohh. no its not mine, its just one I use

@HenryCooper :muscle:

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My best client account is on a @HenryCooper mobile proxy. It’s been follow blocked for 2 weeks so far. No other accounts are affected. There is no solution.

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how many account you use for 1proxy ? 10 or 15?

One (1) account per proxy.

See my posts in this thread.

so your henry cooper mobile proxy is blocked?

No. I have been follow blocked for 2 weeks on one of his mobile proxies. I’ve never received a follow block before. I’ve never had any serious issues in the past 4-5 years. The occasional 24-hour follow block recently, but nothing else.

I’m just saying - don’t waste your time looking for a better proxy solution. Whatever IG started doing on the 8th May appears to be independent of the proxy and targeting specific accounts.

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I find no direct link between the proxy and the latest blocks from Instagram.

Most of my accounts run on 4G proxies (from several different providers and locations), I have a few on a DC proxy.

I had only 1 account on DC that got the block. On mobile a few more (from the same modems), So i assume I have done something wrong in managing and rotating the account between modems.


Level dos, not there yet. Cliff notes please?