Good reach but no one following

Hi guys I have one problem with my long term account, has you see I have good reach (I think) but no one is following?? Can you guys help me thank you this accounts has 1.5k followers

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Try with a call to action in bio and under in the post description.
Are you f/u or organic?

Nothing extraordinary, with my viral accounts, the insight are +1 followers per 1000 views. So you have two solutions, use the follow/unfollow method or do more views/impressions. Your stats are pretty encouraging, keep going ! :wink:

Have a great day

Yes will try that for sure

Really 1000/1 WOW
I just share this because I saw one guy with the same niche going from 2k to 5k in a week with 600 likes per pic, he didnt know nothing about hashtags, the pics wheren’t really good but the difference between his account and mine he was doing daily engaging stories, post every single day and he bought some promotion from instagram

I am also interested in this topic.
If someone have any kind of Help Please provide. My posts goes viral people visits my profile but only few follows.

How many views you make ?

How are the quality of your posts?